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    This is my first of hopefully many app reviews. Tell me if you like this and what you think, or any improvements. There will be screen shots at the end of this post.

    Cracked Download Link: Will be posted when is running again.
    This app is one of my favorites. It is a lot of fun I and could play it for hours. It is a lot like the internet game BM Tron (which you can play here: http://

    The Goal: the goal of this game is to be the final survivor out of the 3 other AI players. Each "bike" leaves a trail which becomes a wall behind them. Collide with this and you're dead. If you beat all of the other bikes, you win the round. Whichever color survives 3 rounds first wins. You are always the blue bike. Note you can change the winning number of rounds between 1, 3 and 5.

    Settings/Features: By pressing the I in the bottom left hand corner, you bring up the settings menu. Here you can decide the winning number of rounds, turn the boost effect on or off, turn the boost camera effect on or off, the afterimage on or off, or if you have an iPhone you can make it vibrate when you die. An interesting feature in this game is the ability to play other Lightbike players over WiFi connection. Sometimes it takes a long time to connect to a game. Another nice feature is you can play split screen with a friend on the same device. When you start the game you can choose the AI difficulty as Easy, Medium or Hard.

    In summary this game is a lot of fun and you can play it for hours and it is always a challenge.

    Screenies attached at bottom.
    [​IMG]If someone could post or pm me how to just show the picture and not have to attach it that be nice.
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    can't simply use the image location from your PC upload it to imageshack or somewhere.

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