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Unsolved Anyway to get the recruit a friend after you already started?

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CluTch x MoNsTa

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Please Does Anyone Know How To Do This. I had just started WoW and my friend didnt really explain the recruit a friend thing and I dont feel like buying another WoW just to get it. Please help & if you just got WoW tell me so I can recruit you as a friend if you want me to.

Scare Croe

Scare Croe

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the recruit a friend trial is for people that invite you (Basically). you answer to the e-mail you receive, and start an account (on trial basis) using the info provided in the original e-mail. you then download and start playing World of Warcraft (WoW), again on trial basis, and get the 3x XP when you (the referral) and your friend (the Referee), are in a Party together.

hope this helps you.
you shouldn't have ad to buy the game for a Recruit a friend account.


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And just adding onto his post too... Let's say I referred you through refer a friend. When grouped we get 300% more experience as long as we're within 4 levels of eachother. And for every two levels you level up, you can grant me one bonus level to any character on that server that is under your current level. So if I were to get you to 60, you can right click my name and grant me to level 30. Same if I got you two 60s, I'd have another 60.

Lasts for three months, you get one month free playtime if you are the referrer and you also get a zebra unicorn mount.

I'm in the process of getting the second 60 through the refer a friend, already have a 60 shaman, working on a paladin now and just almost been doing this for a month. Somewhat slow but it's worth it.

Fastest way to level would be to get ran in instances aswell.

1-10: Quest
10-20: Shadowfang Keep
20-40: Scarlet Monestary
40-50: Blackrock Depths
50-60: Stratholm (Can also run BC instances at 55)
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