Anyone want to help me get a 50 in dubs? (44 right now)

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  1. F4x

    F4x Enthusiast

    I got my 44 legit and really, I just want to get it to at least 45 so I can play slayer without losing my brig, but a 50 would always be nice. Anyways, I can standby, but I do not know how to bridge or any of that sort. Also, I would prefer to not standby as I don't want to get my account banned... Once in a couple games is fine, but not every game.

    I don't care how we rank up (boost, play legit, etc.) as long as I get up. I have an extra account that I can use to boost you up after we're done with mine. Or, I could offer other stuff. Just message me (F4 eternal) and we can discuss everything. Or, I guess you could reply to this as well...
  2. vestal52

    vestal52 Enthusiast

    I'll play with you, i need someone good, i am 41 on doubles (was 43 :frown:)

    ill try to get in contact with you

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