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Anyone Want To Buy A Halo 2 50 Account?

Discussion in 'Halo 2' started by HxC Screamo xX, Jul 26, 2009 with 2 replies and 826 views.

  1. HxC Screamo xX

    HxC Screamo xX Newbie

    hello, if you would like to purchase a Halo 2, level 50 account let me know,
    add me on myspace
    add me on XBL
    im not sure how much im selling for.
    but we can talk about it.
    you must have PayPal To Buy This

    What You Would Get
    you would get an account that will have the following ranks.

    Double Team - 50
    Team Slayer - 1
    Team Snipers - 1
    Team Skirmish - 1
    Team Hardcore -1
    H2 Challege - 1

    if you would be interested let me know ?

    XBL GT: HxC Screamo xX
  2. DrastiK

    DrastiK Premium Premium

    lulz at your Username.
  3. OP
    HxC Screamo xX

    HxC Screamo xX Newbie


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