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Unsolved anyone know how to use VPN for cheap CP?

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looking for some assistance to get cheap cod points through battlenet on pc, Ive tried just using a VPN for Argentina as this drops the price by almost $100 CAD. unfortunately, I havent been able to get the currency to change to ARS. The reason it wont change is because my country is set to Canada where I live and changing your battlenet country requires an actual proof you live there EX. utility bill or something. I heard that creating a new battle net located in Argentina and unlinking your current battlenet via activation account is a workaround but you wouldn't be able to re connect your actual battle net after purchasing cod points as there is a 12month cooldown. the other downside is having to completely repurchase modern warfare. If anybody knows how to do this without a hitch information would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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