Anyone getting the 1403 error? CLICK HERE FOR HELP!

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    :w00t:OK...So I don't know how to fix the error but I can provide a working solution.
    I was stopped by this error (An unknown error occurred (1403).) when I was trying to update my iPod Touch to firmware 2.1 and 2.2.

    So, to update your iPod Touch the correct way, you must download iTunes 7, and the 2.0 firmware .ipsw file from a file-sharing website (just go to google and search for iTunes 7 and the 2.0 firmware file) and make sure you save it somewhere you can easily access, i.e. your desktop. Also, make sure that you un-install any iTunes programs that you currently have on your computer before you install

    Now, once you have iTunes 7 and the 2.0 firmware file follow these steps.
    1. Plug in your iPod Touch.
    2. Open iTunes 7.
    3. Once iTunes detects your iPod click on it (on the left hand side).
    4. Now, hold the 'shift' key and click on 'update' or 'check for update'.
    5. Choose the 2.0 firmware file that you downloaded and wait for it to update your iPod.
    6. Now your iPod should have version 2.0 on it (you can go to your iPod settings to make sure).
    7. Now, click on 'update' or 'check for update' without holding shift, and iTunes should update your iPod Touch to the latest firmware (in this case: version 2.2).
    8. !!!ENJOY!!!

    Reply to this thread if you need help.
    Thank you for viewing, and I hope I helped!

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