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Unsolved Any way to save a game state to reload later? rgh xbox 360

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support' started by gamer7121, Feb 21, 2019 with 0 replies and 132 views.

  1. gamer7121

    gamer7121 Newbie

    I've been playing black ops zombies split screen a ton on my rgh with my room mate. The issue is we will often get to round 20 or so on ascension and then have to pause for class, then come back and finish till we die. We usually don't have enough time or energy to finish an entire game in one sitting since it could go to round 40 or 50 and take hours at a time which us as college students don't have. I don't feel comfortable leaving my 360 on paused overnight as it's a falcon and it gets pretty hot. Is there any way to save the game state and turn off the console, then turn it back on and finish it?

    I was thinking I could maybe use peek poker to freeze the ram state and then save it and reload it next time I want to play, but I have a feeling this won't work smoothly. I'd typically just play it on xbox one and put it in rest mode but it broke recently so I'm stuck with my 360. If anyone knows a way to save the game state let me know, as you can't simply save the game like you can in campaign. I know there are mods to skip to rounds, give points and weapons, etc, but I want to literally have the same game that was running before, not have to run a complex mod menu to get to a similar spot we were at.

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