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    Please tell me what you guys think of my head turn. I know some of the strokes are darker but I am going to fix that right now I am trying to focus on my movements such as head turns and such. Please tell me what you think and some advice if you wish. I just want to know if this is good or not.. You're help would be great! :smile: I am still learning anime studio and I am wanting to create an anime series. I have not focused on adding any effects to the character yet. So really I just want you're honest opinion about everything. :smile: Also this is the first time I messed around with Anime Studio. So please tell me what you guys think and some advice to make it better. All honest opinions. :smile:

    I only had one opinion so far and it was from my friend Funk from the Anime Studios Forum and he said "the face movements look ok from what i can see - but the hair doesn't turn at all which makes the entire thing look wrong. For now, i would really try to develop your skills using simpler hair - like a single pony tail and tied back hair - you're giving yourself more to think about than perhaps you can handle at this point :smile:

    Good luck!"

    I just want more advice from different people so you're help would be great.


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