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    Hey guyz, here is a pdf reader i made for a friend
    of mind who decided that he didnt want it because it wasnt for iphone

    I turned this into an example because i feel like it would be useful for the community. Even if you don't see that as useful, you might find some quality OOP classes and how i read from the data.
    I'm using a json file to categorize the data, so more can be added easily. And I tried to keep the code as neat as possible by categorizing my java files. I believe its a neat way to keep organized.
    Anyway enjoy the sauce.

    And just a tip for other android developers. Try your best to refrain from adding parameters in constructors. Implement The "Serializable" Interferface or "Parseable" and pass custom objects into the bundle

    PDF Reader
    [Click here to view the link]
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