Tutorial Amazing windows 10 tweaks (Regedit)


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This post contains a download of registry tweaks, to enable you must simply open the file and click ok.

This pack includes:
- Disabling login screen background image

- Replace new volume control UI with previous UI

- Replace new network flyout UI with previous UI

- Activate experimental login screen

- Activate new tray clock + calendar UI

- Enable re-sizable start menu

- Enable jump list feature in start menu

- Enable secret dark theme mode in apps

Enable secret Retail Demo Mode in Windows 10
WARNING: Once you activate Retail Demo mode, your user account will be deleted automatically and you'll not be able to turn off the Retail Demo mode. So make sure to read the "Important things to remember" given later in this topic before activating Retail Demo mode.
1. Launch Start Menu and click on Settings app.

2. Now click on "Update and security" item present in Settings app.

3. Now click on "Activation" link present in left-side pane.

4. Now the tricky part! You need to click on the Windows heading 5 times quickly and it'll reveal the secret Retail Demo mode.

Windows will show you following message:

Change to retail demo

You're about to turn on the retail demo experience, which is only meant for retail use.

The PC must be connected to the Internet. And switching to retail demo mode will erase all personal content and restore the PC to factory settings.

[Change] [Cancel]

If you want to go further and want to turn on the retail demo mode, click on Change button otherwise click on Cancel button.

5. Clicking on the Change button will launch a new window which will ask you for the Retail Access Code (RAC) and Retailer SKU or Item number:

Both the things are optional. Actually this information can be provided to Microsoft to download the latest demo content and apps to show on devices.

Leave the fields empty and click on Finish button.

6. That's it. It'll restart your computer and will activate Retail Demo mode at startup.

Upon restart, you'll notice that a new user account "Darrin DeYoung" has been created and logged in automatically.

7. Your computer will again restart after a few minutes and then you'll be able to use Windows 10 in Retail Demo mode.

Some Important Things to Remember About Retail Demo Mode:

1. Retail Demo mode as the name suggests has been created for retail stores to advertise and show off Windows devices. It doesn't do anything special. It just restricts many things such as Command Prompt, Registry Editor, some Display settings, some Control Panel items, etc.

2. Retail Demo mode warns users that personal content will be removed and PC will be restored to factory settings but when we activated Retail Demo mode in our PC, it only removed the existing user account and its folder. It didn't delete any extra file or program which we installed or copied in Windows drive. For testing purposes, we copied some text files in C: drive,Program Files folder, Windows folder, Documents folder before activating the Retail Demo mode and all files remained intact after the demo mode activation. We also installed a few 3rd party software before turning on the Retail Demo mode and all software programs were kept in Retail Demo mode.

3. Since we are activating this hidden Retail Demo mode in a testing build of Windows 10, there are chances that this secret mode will be disabled or completely removed from final RTM version of Windows 10. It might be also possible that Microsoft changes the method to activate this secret mode in Windows 10 RTM version.

4. Retail Demo mode contains 2 user accounts: Darrin DeYoung and RetailAdmin. The user account "Darrin DeYoung" is very restricted and works like a local user account. If you want to change some advanced settings which require Administrative privileges, you'll need to enter the password of RetailAdmin account which is unknown.

5. Since we don't know RetailAdmin account password, we can't turn off Retail Demo mode. The only way to deactivate Retail Demo mode is to reinstall Windows using setup disc or bootable USB drive.

Credits to askvg.com

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I came looking for some privacy, speed registry tweaks but nonetheless these are cool too! Thanks for the contribution. I won't download though, but nobody replied so I wanted to be friendly :smile:


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Some of these may not work anymore. I don't believe the post was updated as new builds came out.


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5. Since we don't know RetailAdmin account password, we can't turn off Retail Demo mode. The only way to deactivate Retail Demo mode is to reinstall Windows using setup disc or bootable USB drive.
Can't you just remove/change the password, with a 3rd party tool? :what:
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