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All Spec Ops Maps Walkthroughs

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' started by IceCreamKohn, Feb 4, 2010 with 5 replies and 866 views.

  1. IceCreamKohn

    IceCreamKohn Enthusiast

    Spec Ops Walkthrough!

    Parts seperated by multicolored underdashes.
    Also green is peoples advice and help if you get stuck on common mistakes.
    If you find any mistakes tell me, and i shall correct them.
    Hope it helps. :biggrin:
    All credit goes to: IGN


    The Pit (Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    This is an relatively easy mission, especially if you have two people. You
    technically don't need to change your weapons either. Simply use the initial
    SCAR-H and tap (one or two shots) for each target. You and your partner should
    divide the targets and approach the course left and right (line abreast).

    Remember to use COD's "aim snap" feature. It makes running this course quickly
    much, much easier (and mandatory for three stars).

    For the targets outside the house, one player should try for the two rooftop
    targets while the other (on the right usually) can handle the ones in the
    windows and doors. You should run out of SCAR-H bullets by the time you clear
    the rooftop's targets. Attack the final two waves on the ground with the USP 45
    once your SCAR-H is dry and sprint to the exit. You don't need the 22 seconds
    from Infinity Ward -- just the under 35 seconds for your stars.

    Note that the Desert Eagle, the USP.45, and the assault rifles will penetrate
    targets. If you line up two terrorist targets, you can kill both with one shot
    and move on.

    Tom Crocker wrote:

    I have an alternative approach to The Pit that I found easier for getting the 3
    stars and (on the S.S.D.D. campaign level) for the 360 achievement.

    This guide is for people who just aren't brilliant at always hitting the targets.
    I know most of them are still but there you go. I found this method easier than
    the running and gunning I've seen described elsewhere.

    You won't get a time of 22.8 seconds or whatever the sick record is but you can
    comfortably get the 3 stars in Spec Ops and the campaign achievement.

    First up, you want two pistols, the M9 as your primary (biggest clip) and USP.45
    as your back-up in case you run out of bullets on the M9. To get both of these
    pistols you have to run through the pit once (on campaign), for some reason they
    aren't both on the table when you arrive.

    One benefit of the pistol is single shots/high accuracy, this means up to 5
    seconds bonus and less chance of killing civvies. They're also faster to reload
    (I know others recommend using an automatic rifle with a pistol and not reloading
    but it wasn't what worked for me).

    Secondly (and weirdly) you're going to walk almost all of the course, you don't
    need to run much at all, just a quick sprint at the end and perhaps a couple
    through the first bit (but they aren't necessary). Not only are you walking but
    aiming down sights - a big drawback of the pistols is they have a very limited
    snap to target when aiming down sights so popping in and out doesn't help half as
    much as on a rifle.

    By staying aimed down sights you have a much more controlled swing so you don't
    have to stop as you sweep past the targets, just pull the trigger.

    Enter the first area and aim down sights above the barrels on the left where the
    first target will pop from. Keep walking forward and when the targets come up put
    them down left to right, moving forwards all the time.

    You want to walk through the central gap here, otherwise the sandbags can obscure
    your shot at the third target.

    When those three are down and if you're feeling adventurous have a short sprint
    until the next set pop up. Again aim and stay aimed down sights walking forwards
    all the time and moving your view to pick off the targets. Take the target closest
    to you first, then balcony right, balcony left, window, door.

    You can sprint to the door.

    Unless covered by a civvie, take out the target in front of you as you enter the
    building and then the two to your right. If you've been economical with your
    bullets you won't have had to switch to your USP yet. Either way you can now reload
    your M9 as you walk up the stairs.

    Melee at the top of the stairs and back to the usual trick. Aim down sights, take
    the two in front of you, then turn right and take the next two. Sprint off the edge.
    Aim down sights to kill left front, the two in the middle and left back.

    I think it's easier to walk down the centre here (less civilians to block your shots
    at the central guys) but tended to walk down the left.

    Then there are two more easy shots and sprint to the finish. Hope that helps!

    Key Points:

    [] Aim-snap is functional for this exercise.

    [] You do not reload either of your weapons.

    [] Because of above, keep a handgun for the last few targets.

    [] Because of above, expend one or two shots at most per target.

    [] You MUST use a knife on the target at the top of the stairs.

    [] You may use bullets or the knife on all other targets.

    Sniper Fi (Wave Defence)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Two players here make the mission obscenely easy (esp. once you get the
    Predator missiles at the start of Wave 2). One player should be in charge of
    claymores, sniping out front and covering the staircase (the right side).
    Either the M240 or P90 will work for a secondary.

    The second player should be sniping the helipad and using the Predator's
    missiles. Again, the M240 (with the heartbeat sensor) helps immensely in the
    location of enemies. Tap the fire button the Predator missile to fire it; hold
    the fire button to speed up the missile and strike critical targets like
    trucks, jeeps and masses of enemies.

    Unless a lucky grenade takes out both players, use the revive exploit to get
    your three stars. None'd be the wiser!

    Key Points:

    [] Two players mean double the firepower.

    [] Claymores are handy for covering the stairs.

    [] Knife thrusts easily cover the ladder (as enemy heads clear the top).

    [] The UCAV missiles are mandatory (starting wave 2).

    [] The more enemies are killed, the less likely they will rush you.

    O Cristo Redentor (Elimination)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Have players stick together. One can use the AA12 with the heartbeat sensor
    while the second player can follow with any weapon he prefers. Basically,
    you're lurking in interiors, foiling the A.I. as they try to fire and track
    you. When one player is downed, clear the zone and revive. Visit the ammo crate
    at the start of the favella and have fun nuking enemies. There's no time limit!

    Key Points:

    [] Two players for revival, just in case.

    [] Loiter near the ammo crate and thin the crowd.

    [] The AA-12 w/ Heartbeat is handy for teams to take out enemies.

    [] You can also use the Echo tier Mission 2 safehouse to spawn camp.

    Evasion (Stealth)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Haven't found a way to do this mission without two (good) people on Veteran but
    apparently, everyone and their brother have strategies for solo (see the green

    Here's how simalcrum and faididi did this: stay on the right and let the first
    patrol pass (this is the same mission as Contingency in campaign with a lot of
    enemies at the end).

    Once the first patrol passes, keep the oil line to the left and move right.
    Wait for the guard and his dog to move from the three man patrol (where the
    intel laptop was in campaign) to the trees. Once he stops, neutralize him and
    the dog.

    The next encounter is the one Roach and Price had; one player needs to take out
    two enemies on the right (the same ones Roach takes out in campaign) while the
    partner takes out the dog and its handler on the left. Be sure to line up the
    shots or you will sound an alert. Ideally, the player taking on the two
    separated guards should say when to fire, since the player aiming at the dog
    and the handler can take out both in one line of fire (but do whatever you are
    comfortable with).

    In the final snowfield, you have to make some quick decisions. The three man,
    two dog team needs to be thinned out immediately before they all get out of
    sight. One guard and his dog will pull ahead of the others as they round the
    turn; this is your signal to down the lagging two guards and the second dog.
    Done successfully, the leading guard and dog will go on ahead and circle around
    the small hill in the distance (give him about 5 minutes to swing back).

    Wait. Watch for the guard and his dog to come back to the hill and stop. Take
    down both and move to the hill.

    At the hill, you should see two guards near the ramp where you need to go.
    There are also two guards and a dog to their left. Here's where two players
    make this mission a breeze. Normally, you take down the three targets in the
    distance, then the two guards who go investigate. The best shooter should down
    the dog and two guards near it while the second shooter should take out the two
    guards by the ramp.

    Done correctly, there should be no alert. Don't get ahead of yourself though.
    There are two more guards (and a guard plus his dog if you didn't kill them
    earlier) at the top of the snow ramp. Approach slowly and neutralize these
    final two guards and slide down the ramp to the village.

    Krak Fox wrote:

    I have some tips on doing Evasion on Solo Veteran: Alot of people don't realise
    you can walk and hide inside the bushy areas (ie. you don't have to stick to
    the clear 'paths') - this really helps

    I head right and let the first patrol go past. then I continue right and then
    duck into the bushes as the guy and his dog goes past. When I come up agains
    the 2 guys next to the pipe, I creep up hugging the pip till I've actually just
    gone past them. this ensures they are in-line for a one shot kill.

    Nex, I take down the guard + dog in 1 shot, then v quickly turn and take down
    the other 2 - they turn to look, but as long as you're quick, the alarm isn't

    Now, when the large patrol and their dogs go around onto the back of the hill
    (behind the bushes), follow them. You see the oil pip heading up the right?
    Crawl along underneath it and you can get to the last 2 guys without having to
    kill anyone at the base of the hill. Done :smile:

    murky1 (Murray Duncan) wrote:

    I have info on three op's you might like to include in your guide:

    Evasion (Solo Veteran). You can crawl under the pipe in evasion but not right under
    it. You can crawl at the top of the hill right beside the pipe and past the guards
    by the gate.

    Use the extreme right of the map. Sprint along the orange fence to the tree that
    will stop you. Crouch. Let the four man patrol pass. Now sprint along the path
    until you see two gaurds on the track. At 144 meters from the missions target
    enter the copse on your left. Crouch directly towards the left of the map.

    When you exit the copse, stealth to the extreme edge of the map and just to
    the left of the single tree closest you out in the open. Crouch all the way along
    the extreme left of the map until you come to some rocks. Let the three man patrol
    pass but take out the last guy in the patrol when he does a little double back.

    Follow the rest, swapping the dead guys gun for your pistol. Ignore the warning
    about unsupressed weapons. Keep following and stop around the branch on the ground
    to your right. Wait until the last guy with the dog moves off. Now crouch down
    into the sunken road to cover of the rocks on the far side. Go prone. Kill the
    guard and the dog to the left in the sunken road. Now crouch towards the enemy
    behind you using the extreme left of the map.

    At the big rock go prone and crawl along the extreme edge of the map and up the
    steep bank a little further on very close to the enemy by the gate. Crawl along
    the extreme left side of the map until you get into trees. Crouch past the two
    guards on your right by the rock until you reach the lying down log. Now crouch
    to the left edge of the rocks to your right.

    This hides you from the four guys so you can go prone and snipe the guy and his
    dog down in the depression. Now crouch back along your prints in the snow to the
    edge of the map and line up the guy closest to you and the two by the gate fo a
    three for one kill. Let fly in a controlled manner (LOL) at these three with the
    gun you stole earlier. Now pop up and whack anything not dead. (Your cover is
    blown anyway).

    Whack the two guys up on the hill. Do this as fast as possible then sprint like
    hell for the smoke. There will be dogs and men on you from behind shortly if you
    don't go fast. Done!

    So this mission is firstly stealth then brute force and a mad dash. I can do it
    in three minutes thirty seconds solo on Veteran. Still probably a little room
    for improvement. You could probably ignore the guard and dog down in the

    Joey Veritas wrote:

    I've got an even easier solution for the Evasion level on Veteran (solo).
    You really only have to kill 7 people total.

    Total Time: 3:13:25

    Tip: If you don't hold your breath when you fire, I recommend doing so. It
    enables you to take out the targets faster.

    Tip: Be quick on your feet, sprint when you don't need to crawl in order to
    evade patrols.

    Tip: Don't kill what you don't need to.

    Tip: Avoid attacking a group of 3 or more. Unless you're a god with a sniper
    rifle, 3 targets is sometimes pushing it if you don't have a 2 for 1 shot.

    1) From the start of the level sprint past the 4 man patrol and take the left
    path until you see the Guard's flashlight moving around as he patrols.

    2)When you get to him, just crouch in the bushes to your right. (Note: The
    patrol will be behind you, but as long as you keep ahead of them, they'll
    never catch you).

    3) As the guard and his dog walk up the path, follow them from a good distance
    and duck into the bushes just to the right (before the pipline).

    4) Stay crouching and you will see 3 guards to the left and if you're in the
    right spot, you can kill 2 of them with 1 shot. After you take them out, keep
    moving towards the pipeline.

    5) Stop in the bushes when you see the 2 guards with their flashlights. Pause,
    hold your breath and take out the one on the right first. I've had better luck
    with not getting discovered when you kill him first.

    6) Next hug the left wall through the bushes until you get to the opening of
    the path. Wait for the large patrol to come by and go up towards the hill. Keep
    a low profile and follow them.

    7) When they stop, drop to the ground and observe them until they all leave the

    8) Next, follow the right wall and there is a spot where you can get underneath
    the pipeline and crawl up the hill to the last 2 enemies.

    9) Take them out, and you're home free.

    Hope you find this useful.

    Jeremey Keiley wrote:

    hey me and my brother were having a real hard time with the evasion board in the alpha chapter
    and the part after you separate the 2 guys and the dog from the other guy and dog well after
    that part how there's the 2 guys and the dog and the 2 guys to the left by the fence there's a
    way to sneak around them if you hug the left and stay prone you crawl under the pipe through
    the bushes then there's a slight angle you can climb if you crouch climb it and your on a flat
    part that brings you to the last 2 guys of the board before you slide down so you completely
    miss those 5 guys.i couldn't figure out how to add on to your walk through on ign so i got
    your email from your page and figured id send it and see if you would add that in.

    Alec Pappas wrote:

    To complete Evasion SpecOp in solo mode, there's a bit of a blind spot that comes
    in handy to really rack up the kills. The spot to where you can climb up to the blind
    spot is where the bushes and a stand for the pipe meet, about 105m from target. You
    will have resistance going up to the pipe until you reach that point and have it after.

    Go right to the orange fence, crouch and slowly walk forward. After 15 seconds, you can
    move up the path on the right until you get 186m from target, then return to the orange
    fence on your right. Wait for the sentry and dog to appear and take them out.

    Move forward staying to right and @155m, take out the two sentries, then take out sentry
    with dog. This is where it gets good-ish.

    Go to the area with the Sentry & dog and work your way under the pipe above the gulch.
    From this position you can raise alarm and you're in a blind spot where they can't get at
    you with the exception of the odd dog. The sentries will cluster and you can take em out
    with cooked grenades. Eventually the alert is canceled, but if you get one started again
    they can't get at you. The 2 guards + dog can be taken out at leisure without concern of
    alerts while in the perch; after that, snipe the last two guards on the ridge and you're
    home free.

    And if you take out the three plus dog and let the patrol pass, you have no resistance
    getting up; once there you can cause multiple alert and they don't see you. I've done it
    multiple times on veteran and it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Quickest time 1:17.90.

    Key Points:

    [] Use two players for more coverage.

    [] Avoid first patrol.

    [] Avoid three man patrol.

    [] Neutralize dog and handler on the right.

    [] Neutralize dog/handler and two soldiers on the right.

    [] Neutralize trailing dog and 2 soldiers at large dog patrol.

    [] Neutralize dog and handler when they circle around hill.

    [] Neutralize soldier pair + dog, and soldier pair at bottom of ramp.

    [] Neutralize pair of soldiers at top of ramp to finish.

    Suspension (assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Easier with two players but possible with one. Take any weapon and start
    sniping your way to the end of the bridge. Once you're there and Shepherd
    radios in about an enemy gunship, stay on the lower level (hopefully, you have
    a rocket launcher) and down it as it winds up. Simalcrum found it hendy to use
    one player to stay on the ramp (next to the wreck) to lure the gunship into
    hovering so the second player can kill it. The ramp also serves to have
    grenades roll down so they don't kill the decoy.

    Once the chopper is downed, use sniper rifles and scoped rifles to take out the
    rest of the enemies (slowly) from the ramp or barricade nearby. There are a
    limited number of enemies, despite the number of them appearing. Once things
    quiet down, you can simply walk to the green smoke and get congratulated by Gaz
    (who's really just Ghost -- they both have this weakness of being shot in the

    Key Points:

    [] Advance slowly and watch soldiers rappelling from sides of bridge.

    [] Stay on broken bridge ramp to take out chopper with RPG-7.

    [] Thin out enemies from top of the ramp.




    Overwatch (2P Timed Escort)
    Completed on: Veteran

    As explained, you need two players for this. While both players should be
    familiar with the mission in Modern Warfare 1, the ground player's expertise
    may help since most of the old spawns and triggers are the same. The C-130
    player has night vision, so he can spot enemies far more easily than the ground

    It's recommended to take the SCAR-H with thermal scope and a M240 (for rushing
    enemies and suppressive fire). Head to the ditch and wait for the gunship
    player to clear enemies on the road. Remember that choppers do not show up very
    well (even on Black Hot), so if the ground player sees a chopper, use the laser
    to designate the direction the gunship needs to look towards.

    For most purposes, the 40 mm shots are best for infantry while the 105 mm shot
    is best for large concentrations. Use the 25 mm for choppers, but don't bother
    with them once they disgorge their cargo. Use the 40 mm and protect your guy on
    the ground.

    There are several triggers: under the bridge, at the first shed (where TF-141
    snipes the enemies who spawn there in the first game), the house in the cellar
    (two enemies in the first story of the house where Soap gets flashbanged),
    around the time when you move through the farmstead and towards the opened rear
    gate (the houses behind spawn enemies), reaching the culvert before the field
    to the greenhouses, and at the greenhouses.

    The ground player needs to stop and wait for the all clear from the gunship to
    proceed, because there are honestly over a hundred enemies in the level. While
    the ground player shouldn't be careless or idle, most of the kills will be done
    by the gunship. Once you clear the greenhouses (you only need one minute or so
    by the time you reach it, so take the time to kill enemies), you should be in
    the clear. Simply sprint to the barn (the one with the Stinger in the first
    game) and end the mission.

    Key Points:

    [] Ground player should be familiar with MW1 stage (enemy spawns are same).

    [] SCAR-H with thermal is a good idea, as is M240 for CQB.

    [] Spawn point at sewer tunnel under road.

    [] Spawn point at first farm.

    [] Spawn point at Cellar (two enemies at least in house).

    [] Spawn point at open gate to second farm field.

    [] Spawn point at first greenhouse.

    [] Player only needs 30 seconds to sprint to barn once it is in line of sight.

    Body Count (Elimination)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Ignore the BTR, take an EBR-14 with thermal scope and head out to the diner's
    garbage cage. There, one player can kill enemies who appear through the door
    while the player with the EBR-14 can snipe at the enemies in the distance (at
    the CRB Financial building). Thirty straight kills and you're out of there!

    Note that the BTRs are worth 8000 points if destroyed (and killing both will
    make the mission go by that much faster). However, note that the ladder to the
    roof is gone, so you'll be swarmed if you try to go tank hunting.

    Key Points:

    [] Stay in garbage cage.

    [] EBR-14 w/ Thermal is handy for sniping at enemies in CRB bank.

    [] Regular assault rifle fine for CQB and defence.

    [] Do not take out enemy BTRs unless you are going for time.

    [] No roof access.

    Bomb Squad (Timed Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    This is a bloody run using the two player revive method. Head right first to
    the chicken market and take out that bomb. The second bomb you should handle is
    in a building near the intersection. The last is in the junk-filled yard
    overlooked by the Dragunov marksman's house. All three are easy to get provided
    you move fast, attack hard and clear the zone of enemies. Two players are a
    must if you don't want to spend time perfecting this level.

    Oh, and if you're looking to down four people while in Last Stand (for the
    trophy or achievement) do it here. You start with two G18s which are more than
    enough. Head towards the middle bomb (going down the street). After the first
    player is downed (use Recruit for this), have the second player throw out a
    flashbang when the four people are around the downed player. This should be
    enough for the downed player to get his four kills. Note that without the
    flashbang, the enemies will shoot back at the incapacitated player and injure
    him further so he cannot fire back.

    Key Points:

    [] Enemies are limited.

    [] It only takes about 10 seconds to disarm a bomb.

    [] You can disarm a bomb while prone.

    [] Bomb order: right (market), middle (intersection), left (junk-filled yard).

    Race (Driving)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Pull the accelerator as the "Go!" appears for a quick start. Simply race ahead,
    steering for clear ground and you'll be able to get your minute-ten easy. On
    the final slope, stay in the center (one player) and look ahead for clear gaps
    in the trees. This is where the "look ahead" lesson from driver's education
    class comes in handy. Make small adjustments to stay centered and if you don't
    slow or stop at all, you get your three stars.

    Key Points:

    [] Slow down on curves.

    [] Stick to the white snow and avoid trees.

    [] On the final slope, look ahead and make only minor steering corrections.

    Big Brother (2P Timed Escort)
    Completed on: Veteran

    You have ten minutes, which is mostly used to trick the A.I. Again, the ground
    player doesn't fight much. However, both players should know the layout of the
    Wolverines stage in campaign to better understand where the enemies are coming
    from. The ground player will want to take up an RPD if its available, but
    that's not necessary (although an ACOG on any weapon may help).

    Go towards the stone wall at the corner and hide. The chopper player should
    hose the first house (the one with the treehouse) and clear it. The ground
    player should move to the yellow house on the "left side" to trigger the next
    spawn. For simalcrum, referring to the street as "left side" and "right side"
    (as one marches towards Joe's Diner and the objective marker) is handy for
    calling out where enemies are, but feel free to use other methods you are
    comfortable with.

    From the yellow house on the "left side", there are a few more spawns as the
    ground player approaches the ammo crate on the right side of the street. Here,
    the chopper will make a strafing run on the roadblock. How well the chopper
    player does in neutralizing enemies at the roadblock and the street will make
    life for the ground player easy or hard.

    For the chopper player: hose the barricade as much as possible (and the alley
    -- the ground player can time his movement as the chopper player faces the
    alleyway behind Joe's Diner for maximum effect). At the strafing run, kill the
    enemies on the main street leading towards the ammo crate (and the ground
    player). The enemies on the other side of the gas station are easy targets as
    the chopper races by. Once the chopper holds at the gas station, keep alert for
    the truck with enemies and soldiers running into the alley behind the gas
    station. Keep vigil for now.

    Meanwhile, the ground player needs to move down the street from the ammo crate.
    Use up the grenades here to secure the alleyway. The chopper player can fire up
    to the S-turn in the alley, so once the first half is cleared, you are safe.
    Restock ammo at the crate and ready your largest magazine weapon.

    The final part is dangerous but only requires two minutes (tops). The ground
    player needs to pace his endurance and walk (not sprint) from the gas station
    towards Nate's Diner (the building with the green smoke). When the chopper
    starts moving, communicate this fact to the ground player. That's the signal
    for the ground player to start sprinting towards Nate's Diner.

    Once inside, the ground player should turn left at the main door, then right,
    then head back to the kitchen and head outside to the garbage cage (same place
    as Body Count).

    Now what the ground player does will seriously affect what the chopper player
    will do.

    If the ground player remains on the ground, the chopper will continue to
    circle Nate's Diner. If the ground player proceeds up the ladder (either one)
    to the roof, the chopper will begin to land on the roof; however, this also
    triggers the enemy A.I. to route soldiers to the roof.

    Have the ground player go half-way up the ladder and then jump off (doing
    this on the ladder outside is safer, since enemy soldiers use the ladder in
    the diner more often). What this does is provoke the enemies to climb to the
    roof (and ignore the ground player if he's out of sight). This lets the
    chopper player clear the roof of enemies. If any enemies are climbing the
    ladder, the ground player should down them as well (just in case).

    Once the path is cleared, the ground player only needs to reach the roof and
    the mission will end.

    Key Points:

    [] Take your time; the chopper will leave only at specific spots on the course.

    [] Spawn spot at the stone wall near insertion point.

    [] Spawn spot at the yellow house (left side).

    [] Spawn spot just past the ammo crate at the top of the hill.

    [] Spawn spot in the street between Nova Star and Nate's.

    [] Chopper leaves for roadblock when player moves past ammo crate.

    [] Chopper moves to Nate's from Nova Star when player is in middle of street.

    [] Chopper moves to extraction when player is halfway up the ladder.

    [] Enemies move to Nate's rooftop when chopper moves to extraction.



    Hidden (Stealth)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Two players make this mission more palatable, since the sniper A.I. is broken.
    Players should swap their silenced USP handguns for the SMGs on the loadout
    mat. Head out, take down the first guy on the right, then turn and take down
    the second fellow near the two talking Russians. Use the Intervention to do a
    double kill (through the chest) on the two talking soldiers and get ready for
    the game to be broken.

    There are three snipers in Ghillie suits in the first part of the next field.
    Unless you get the drop on them, you pretty much use one player to draw their
    fire, mark their position and kill them by trial and error. It gets worse.
    There are four more such marksmen near the radioactive pit (where young
    Lieutenant Price sees soldiers tossing corpses into the radioactive lake). Use
    the wrecked BMPs for cover and waste the enemies here.

    Drop back to stealth as you approach the pipeline near the church. On Veteran,
    there is a soldier in the tower. Kill him and the three guys on the road (with
    two players, it's easy to hide in the grass and kill the reinforcements).

    Inside the church, one player should ready claymores by the door while the
    other player can head to the watchtower and kill the guards and patrols
    outside. Yeah, this isn't going to get any better. From the church, take down
    the rest of the enemies near the second house.

    From the second house, there'll be four or five more marksmen in the grassy
    field ahead. Use up the ammo, revive each other, and once the field is cleared,
    you can march to the green smoke and end this broken mission.

    Key Points:

    [] Enemy snipers will see you regardless of stealth.

    [] CheyTac M-200 Intervention penetrates multiple enemies.

    [] Enemy snipers will switch to PDWs or handguns if you get too close.

    [] All other enemies will not notice you and partner unless alerted.

    Breach & Clear (Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Use the default equipment (M4A1 with Grenadier and M1040 shotgun). You won't
    need much else. As usual, two players are best for this, although if you are
    playing this alone, you get two Flash Grenades (you pick one up from the
    load-out mat) and one extra M4A1 grenade (total of five instead of four).
    However, two players mean you can be revived and you have an extra gun firing
    for you.

    Once the breach occurs, both players should take out the ground troops in
    slo-mo breach. Once slo-mo ends, one player keeps an eye on the ground while
    the second takes out the snipers on the upper gantry. Use the M4A1's grenades
    on the gantry snipers and kill them all (could be eight, four on each side).

    Move slowly to the second room and drill all the enemies there. Speed and
    accuracy are key here since you don't want these enemies around when you deal
    with the shield soldiers. As you near the wall the hides the exit hole (and the
    mass of enemies spawing on the other side), get ready to throw your grenades.

    Both players should simultaneously throw frags first (to kill enemies and clear
    a path), then follow up with flash grenades (one at a time -- determine who can
    do this beforehand). Those enemies who are not killed by the frag grenades
    should now be disoriented (and the frags should clear a path wide enough to
    sprint through). Drop into the exit hole and the mission is over.

    Note that if shield soldiers are blocking you, your character can jump over
    them if you time your jumps well. This is because the shield soldiers are
    ducking. Simalcrum and company did this in 90 seconds, although Infinity Ward
    takes the cake at seventeen seconds.

    Michael D'Angelo wrote:

    Keep your M4A1, but switch your shotgun for a G18 automatic pistol. In your
    walkthrough you stated it took 90 seconds to beat this Op. Using my method, it
    will take 18-20 seconds. Pull out your G18, and then breach.

    Put 1 or 2 shots into the guy directly to your left, but don't worry about him
    too much. Now aim down the centre of the gulag, and just shoot and anything that
    moves. Make sure that while you're doing this, you are CONSTANTLY running forward.

    As soon as the slow-mo ends, spring as fast as you can down the centre of the rooms.
    Shoot only those who are a real threat, or in your way. As you approach the riot
    shield guys, throw a flashbang, hide behind a wall, and sprint to the finish.

    Key Points:

    [] Starting gear is essential. Don't change it.

    [] Impact grenades are handy against upper gantry shooters.

    [] You only need about 30 seconds to run to exit hole once it is in sight.

    [] Pace your frag / flash grenades to get past shield soldiers in second room.

    [] Using a riot shield and backing up to the hole is also a valid tactic.

    Time Trial (Timed Driving)
    Completed on: Veteran

    This mission is easier if you use two players. Have one player follow the other
    and keep an eye out for flags. What the leading player doesn't get, the wing-
    man snags. You only need to keep the timer from reaching zero; as long as you
    finish the race on Veteran, you get your three stars!

    Just race the course, but take it at a slightly lower speed than "Race". Your
    aim is to not to crash all while making headway towards the goal and hitting
    the flags. Simalcrum and co. missed about six flag sets, but cleared the
    course with 12 seconds to spare.

    Krak Fox wrote:

    And here's my tip for the Time Trial on the Snow Mobile:

    Accelerate 100% to the first gate, then ease off as you head to the next one,
    this will allow you to turn hard right easier to hit gate 3 on a jump. When you
    land, control the throttle and race along the right edge as there are more
    gates this side and it is the shorter route too. After the track narrows there
    is a gate immediately on the left at the start of a little copse, let off the
    throttle to make sure you hit this one - then gun it through.

    Once the track opens up again, the gates are real easy to hit. Head around he
    right of the little 'island' and slalom through about 3-4 gates near the end of
    the frozen lake.

    The track narrows again and the gates are very easy to hit.

    Last bit, as you charge down the hill, you should have a good 6seconds in the
    bank by now and it won't matter too much if you miss the odd gate as you fly
    past - especially as there are about 3 easy gates at the bottom of the slope to
    give you enough in the tank to make it over the jump. I hit 25 gates - can't
    remember the time, but got 3 stars.

    Key Points:

    [] Two players are better than one; only one player needs to reach finish line.

    [] The trailing player can hit checkpoints the leading racer missed.

    Homeland Security (Wave Defence)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Fun with two players. There'll also be two turrets instead of one for two
    players (enemies remain the same). Take the turrets and put them to cover the
    gas station. This is because once wave 3 hits, you can no longer remain safely
    outside (enemy UCAV drops missiles on you). One turret is on the load-out mat
    at the Nova Star Gas Station, the second is inside Joe's Diner where you will
    hole up.

    For the players, stay near the tipped over table near the back door of Joe's
    Diner. This lets you revive one another and makes for good cover. One player
    should aim at the main door (preferably with the M240 or RPD as the situation
    changes) while the second player can assist fire on the windows to the sides,
    check the back door occasionally, and throw back grenades.

    Simply weather the storm and use the RPGs in the building to waste the gunships
    and BTRs. You can also trick the enemy UCAV into firing its missiles by causing
    it to spot you (step outside). The resulting explosion can usually take down
    the BTR or enemy chopper if you time it right.

    Naturally, it should be noted that you should kill all the enemy infantry
    before engaging the (much easier) vehicles at your leisure.

    conbat18 wrote:

    I found a way to finish 3 stars of Homeland Security solo.

    When you start, quickly grab the turret at the gas station and run to the roof
    of the Burger Town and situate the turret towards the gas station on the corner
    of BT's roof so it can cover the gas station.

    Head off the roof and head to the Taco To-Go (because enemies will be picking
    at you by now). Make your way to the roof of Nate's Restaurant for a second
    turret. Again, situate the emplacement on the corner of the roof so it can aim
    and take down enemies at the gas station.

    Get back into Joe's Diner for the final turret and situate it behind the counter
    as usual (covering the front door). This, along with the two turrets firing from
    across the street, should pretty much kill all the men and don't get blown up by
    the enemy Predator.

    Thanks for posting your walkthrough

    Andyl1385 wrote:

    Just thought I would let you know that there is a fourth turret in the Homeland
    Security level when playing with 2 players. This makes the level a breeze on

    It is located in the back corner of the bank building (left side of the map when
    facing the Burger Town from Nate's Diner).

    When my friend and I played the level he set up the two turrets in Nate's, while
    I ran to the Burger Town roof to get the third turret. I brought the turret back
    to the Diner and set it up in the window.

    After the first wave one player can sprint to the bank for the fourth turret in
    the bank, returning to Nate's by following the right perimeter of the map. With
    four turrets set up in Nate's, the only work we had to do was to take out the
    choppers and BTRs.

    Key Points:

    [] There are three turrets: at Nova Star, inside Joe's, and on Nate's rooftop.

    [] Set a turret in the alley or against gas station wall to cover rear exit.

    [] Set second turret behind counter at the corner near the rear exit of Joe's.

    [] Spawn camp behind the overturned table. Partner remains near empty booth.

    [] UCAV's missiles can destroy enemy choppers and BTRs.

    Snatch & Grab (Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Mister Faididi has noticed that when a Juggernaut has caught on your scent (and
    will iminently attack) the game will play an ominuous, deep tone (similar to
    the Tank tune in Left 4 Dead). Turn up the volume and listen for this audible
    signal and be ready to change tactics.

    A hard one but do-able if you keep in mind that the enemies are limited and
    there seems to be only four Juggernauts (on Veteran; there may be more). If
    the first Juggernaut doesn't appear when you start, restart the mission so you
    get some breathing room.

    Before you get the laptop, try clearing out the enemies in the second field,
    past the wreckage ramp. Note you can hide UNDER the ramp; this gives you a
    clear view of the second field and obscures you from the Juggernauts coming
    from the back.

    Most of the time, three of the Juggernauts (including the first one) spawn
    in the first half of the map -- the zone with the laptop. Hence, if you down
    the Juggernaut in the second zone, you are most likely (not absolutely)
    assured that any Juggernaut alert music you hear will be from behind you.

    The Juggernaut(s) spawning "behind" in zone 1 would aim down at the ramp's
    floor to shoot while exposing their heads, making for easy kills.

    Simalcrum and faididi was able to clear out all the enemies except the final
    Juggernaut (we sprinted for the exit and won), proving again that limiting
    spawning enemies was a good idea on part of Infinity Ward's MW2 team.

    Apart from the SCAR-H thermal (easier to spot Shadow Company soldiers amidst
    the junk), you need the CheyTac's Intervention for the Juggernauts, so your
    choice of weapons is limited. Don't be afraid to swap weapons if you need to
    as the SCAR-H ammo is quite limited.

    Lastly, you can go back from Zone 2 to Zone 1 by using the wreck's ramp. If
    you dropped down into zone 2 and looking back, mantle back up on the left
    where you can see some planks and junk. This insures you can go between both

    murky1 (Murray Duncan) wrote:

    I have info on three op's you might like to include in your guide:

    Snatch and Grab (Solo Veteran) There are seven Juggernauts in total in this op.
    The first Juggernaut you spawn is easy to fool. Just spawn him. (Don't go to
    far forward) As soon as you see him return to the start point and duck inside
    the fuselage to the right of where you started.

    Stay still and if you have done it right the Juggernaut will loose your scent
    and stop. Snipe his ***. Now clear the entire first level of Shadow Company but
    don't take the laptop just yet. You should have around 31 kills now. I have a
    good pattern to do this so I can have the entire first field clear solo in about
    15 minutes. Now for the tricky part. Key to killing the other five Juggernauts
    on the first field (and one Shadow Company enemy) is the large plane broken into
    three bits that lies across the field.

    The seventh Juggernaut is on the second field. With the field clear of Shadow
    Company go into the plane that takes you to the second field. Use your thermal
    scope to carefully find and kill no more than five enemies on the second field.
    (four is probably safer) This might include one Juggernaut way in the distance
    with the Intervention. If it doesn't don't worry he'll turn up in due course.

    Now once you have killed your first enemies on the second field run back to the
    three part plane mentioned above. If there is a a Juggernaut coming leap up the
    pallet leaning on the wing and through the side of the fuselage into the plane.
    Once inside the Juggernauts loose your scent and stop so snipe them at will.

    There will also be one Shadow company guy spawn way back in the distance towards
    the start and on the other side of the road. Snipe him too. If nothing is
    shooting at you when you return to the three part plane just head back to the
    second field and pop off one more enemy then sprint back to the three part plane.

    Do this repeatedly. One enemy then back to the plane until all enemies are dead.
    You will have to jump down onto the second field to draw out the last half dozen
    enemies. So be ready to leap back up into the plane on the first field so you
    can pop them off one at a time. When your kills get to fifty that's both fields
    clear of Shadow company and Juggernauts. Grab the laptop and make your way to the
    green smoke.

    Done! Takes me about an hour but that's early on. I reckon I could get it down
    to about 45 minutes. On Regular I can do the op in one minute 30 seconds so far.
    Just run like hell and don't kill anything.

    BTW there is a gun on top of the large plane to the left on the lower part of
    the second field. Just run up the wing. There might even be a good spot up there
    to whack a lot of enemies. I haven't tried but will have a look once I've
    completed the rest of the ops.

    If you're playing co-op then I'd say one stays inside the three part plane to
    deal with spawning Juggernauts and the one stupid Shadow Company guy while the
    other player takes care of the enemies on the second field.

    If you play it solo veteran and kill every enemy, there are 7 jugs every time giving
    a total of 50 enemies. You can then just run around the fields as long as you like.

    Anirudh Jain wrote:

    I found a small hint for Snatch and Grab Spec Op in Charlie on Solo Veteran:

    Proceed to kill the first juggernaut by climbing on the wing of the plane right in
    front of you in the beginning. To the left on this wing, there are some exposed
    holes. You can crouch or even prone in them to heal while dealing with the Juggernaut
    who will have caught your scent by now (hear the music).

    Stand and snipe him, then crouch or prone to heal, if required.

    After this, keep proceeding towards the laptop, it's easy to take care of the Shadow
    Company using the SCAR thermal gun. Also, no need to kill everyone, just kill the
    ones on your way. Take the laptop, get inside the broken plane which takes you into
    the second zone. Now, snipe the two shadow company in the distance, take care to
    position yourself so that the ones just below in the field can't see you.

    There is just one Juggernaut in the second field. As soon as you see him in the
    distance, snipe his ***. If you don't see him, start killing the bad guys in the
    field below. The jug will be eventually seen in the distance. If you hear the jug
    music, then one of them has spawned behind you. Run into the 3 part plane's right
    part (as seen when returning from this sniping position).

    Go deep into that plane's part, there is some foliage, and space to the right where
    you are totally obscured from vision. The spawned jug will eventually come very near,
    either slightly to the left or right of this place, you can easily take care of him
    using a sniper rifle or a machine gun. Continue above strategy.

    Once he's down, run down into the field and keep to the right side, through the
    broken plane. Shoot if required any bad guys. Climb up the small ridge, throw 2 to 3
    flash grenades and sprint towards the green smoke and shoot all around at the same
    time. This worked for me several times and only two Juggernauts needed to be killed.

    Michael D'Angelo wrote:

    A lot of people have trouble with this mission. I don't remember what weapons were
    available, but I'm 100% you need a sniper, and then some other gun, that preferably
    does not have a thermal scope. At the beginning of the Op, walk forward cautiously,
    until you hear the telltale bass drum = juggy on the approach.

    Just calm down, locate him, and just keep shooting him. He went down? SHOOT HIM AGAIN!
    Make sure he's really down. Now, the rest of the level is where it varies. My main
    strategy is the same as on Breach & Clear: Sprint through the level, killing only the
    guys who are a real threat.

    I went through the whole level only killing one juggernaut. I didn't even know there
    were more until I read this walkthrough!

    Tip: Stay on the far edges of the map, I usually use the left. That way you don't attract
    the fire of everyone, only the men on your side.

    Key Points:

    [] Enemies are limited.

    [] The ramp separating the stage halves is two-way.

    [] You can clear a path to the green smoke and then grab the laptop.



    Wardriving (Assault and Defend)
    Completed on: Veteran

    This mission is surprisingly easy if you and your partner are judicious in
    deploying the three available turrets. One player will have a time clearing out
    the three houses of enemies but once that's done, you take stock of your
    weapons and equipment.

    There are fifty claymores (the first and third houses have two stacks each) and
    three turrets (second house has one, third house has two). You will want to
    play through this on recruit and see where enemies come from so you can ambush
    them correctly.

    Do the houses in reverse order. This is because the Stryker retreats back to
    the bridge once the laptops are all downloaded. Do the third house first, the
    second house second, and the first house last (the first, second and third
    house deignations being the ones you encounter as you go up the street initially).

    For the third house, the enemies come in from the pool doors (both of them) as
    well as the sides. A long chain of claymores are needed for delyaing the
    enemies as long as possible before engaging them. For this house place
    claymores on the stairs to the bar, in the garage, and at the two doors leading
    to the house's backyard. Use only the two turrets in the house. Place them in
    the "dining" room, one in each of the two arches.

    One player should remain behind cover to assist the turrets with flashbangs;
    dazed enemies stumble around blindly and are easy pickings for the turrets.

    The second player should be in the blue deadend hallway in sight of the laptop
    and be covering the wetbar where the laptop is. He can also reactivate the
    download if the transfer is disturbed. It should be noted that the enemies
    rushing the house are limited; if all of them are dead, you can finish the data
    transfer in peace!

    For the second house (the one with the laptop on the short half-counter), the
    enemies come through the sides and front; however, this house has a second
    story window that overlooks where the enemies are coming from (the house across
    the street).

    Situate one turret each to cover the sides of the house you're defending (and
    far back enough to avoid grenades). Use the third turret however you wish, but
    remember you will be using the Stryker's cannon more here -- and its shots can
    destroy your sentry turrets. Place single claymores at windows where you can
    mantle into the house (enemies will mantle as well) and doors.

    One player should be upstairs on the second floor. He can designate the Stryker
    to fire on the enemies from his window position. The second player should
    remain prone behind the bar and next to the laptop to start the process and to
    keep it going. Hopefully, the Stryker, the turrets and the player on the second
    story should destroy almost all the enemies before they even get close.

    For the first house (the only one on that side of the street), the enemies come
    in from the side window, the front door, and the garage (both sides). The
    enemies do mantle windows, so having all three turrets will make this a breeze.
    The laptop is exposed to the front door, but that's what the Stryker is for.

    Simalcrum and company did the following set-up:

    Place one turret on each external side of the house (using two of them). One
    should cover the window that leads into the room with the pool table and
    claymores and the second should cover the side entrance of the house. The third
    turret was placed in the garage facing out where you started the mission next
    to the water heater in the corner.

    With that covered, place single claymores around corners and away from your
    sentry turrets. Both players should remain in the pool table room facing the
    kitchen and main door. Designating the house's front door will allow the
    Stryker to suppress the main door and kill most of the enemies as they seek to
    enter the house.

    Once all three laptops are downloaded, start moving towards the bridge, as the
    Stryker retreats back down the street. As a final reminder, there is an ammo
    crate at the beginning of the stage, so if you or your partner get a good
    weapon (RPD, AK-47 Grenadier), use the ammo crate to fill up on grenades and

    Oh and one last thing -- stay off the street when moving back and forth in this
    stage. The Stryker will instantly kill you (no chance for revival) if it runs
    you over.

    Key Points:

    [] The Stryker can run you over. Stay off the goddamn street ... David Clayman.

    [] Enemies are limited and spawn only when the laptops are being accessed.

    [] You can continue the download where you left off after clearing enemies.

    [] There are three turrets that greatly help in defence.

    [] There are fifty claymores in this level. Use them up.

    Wreckage (Vehicle Killspree)
    Completed on: Veteran

    While the primary goal is to destroy vehicles, you can easily do that after you
    use the sentry guns and regular sniper fire to neutralize all enemies before you
    go on your wrecking spree. The infinite ammo can help with catching enemies in
    explosions, but just focus on redoing the Spec Ops mission "Suspension" and
    you'll be fine.

    Once you clear the level of enemies, simply use the RPG or grenades to destroy
    wrecks in quick succession to keep the infinite ammo going. With that cheat in
    effect, you can keep spewing out rockets and blow up the rest of the cars. When
    you run out, remember you can destroy cars and vehicles with small arms fire
    (takes a lot) and C4.

    To deploy C4, simply select the detonator and press the Aim button. Note you
    cannot recover C4 once you throw it, so use the det-packs with care.

    Key Points:

    [] Clear out enemies first, then start wrecking the vehicles.

    [] The chopper is the same as in Alpha-5 "Suspension".

    [] There are two sentry guns available to assist you in attacking enemies.

    [] One C4 block is enough to destroy a vehicle.

    [] Small arms fire can destroy sedans and civilian vehicles eventually.

    Acceptable Losses (Stealth)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Easy. With two players, even more so if the second player doesn't interfere and
    only follows the first player for the final charge and the escape.

    For one player, trade the USP for the silenced MP5SD. Hop the low berm between
    the hangars and take out the lone guard near the corner of the hangar. That
    done, switch to the AA12 with heartbeat sensor and navigate your way through
    the airfield (avoiding guards) by quickly moving (but not sprinting since that
    lowers your stealth and denies you the chance to view the sensor screen) to
    your targets.

    Try putting bombs on the MiG-29's missile first (the furthest one away) since
    there is a jeep that drives around the Mi-24 Hind chopper. Go prone if enemy
    patrols are nearby and sabotage the MiG-29 first. Once done, slowly head back
    and listen to MacTavish's radio for alerts to the jeep. You can hide near the
    roadblocks (kneeling), wait for the jeep to pass by, sabotage the Mi-24 Hind's
    tail, and head back to where you started (use the dead guy for the marker).

    With two bombs down, take your partner along the edge of the map to the final
    sabotage point. Stop at the top of the hill (near the orange plastic fencing)
    and wait for two enemies to pass by. You should kill these two around the
    building with the sabotage point, as they will return. The best spot is either
    on the side of the orange container or out of sight of the guys in the building
    (i.e., not in sight of the doorways).

    With those two downed, use the MP5SD to take out the guy sitting in the building.
    Circle around to the other side to you can see the sabotage point and the guard
    smoking near it. Snipe him as well and place your C4 on the final spot.

    To escape, turn towards the exit and you should be between the impassable fence
    and a Quonset hut. Wait for the jeep to pass by (use the sensor) and be ready
    to take out the guard at the corner. Once he's out, there's generally an alert.
    Sprint to the exit (behind watchtower with the laptop in campaign) and you're

    BTW, if you're looking for a lone guard to take down silently with a knife
    (for the trophy or achievement), the first guard next to the hangar is an
    excellent candidate.

    murky1 (Murray Duncan) wrote:

    I have info on three op's you might like to include in your guide:

    Acceptable Losses (Solo Veteran). Do it like you said but after you plant the
    bomb on the last target inside the hut go to the exit closest (i.e., To the
    right of the smoking guard inside the hut). You will see the low raised wooden
    platform on the right of the road with a ramp up onto it.

    Stealth just to the right of this ramp then go prone and crawl under the low
    platform. Get to the far corner and line up the gaurd closest to you and the
    one on the other side of the road for a two for one kill. Then just sprint to
    the green smoke for no alert.

    Key Points:

    [] Use the AA-12 w/ Heartbeat to avoid patrols on the airstrip.

    [] There are two soldiers who patrol around the cabin with the sabotage point.

    [] There are only two other soldiers in the cabin with the sabotage point.

    [] There are several guards near the exit to the green smoke.

    [] Being prone under planes and choppers is safe (if no alerts are sounded).

    Terminal (Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Easy. Use two players, the M240 and the fact that you can separate the shield
    soldiers and normal soldiers by exploiting the A.I. Start up the first two
    spawns by stepping out and stepping towards the escalator's bottom. Hide behind
    the barricade near the load-out mat. One player can kneel and take down shielded
    enemies with the knife while the second player can zap the non-shield soldiers
    when their heads appear.

    For the remaining spawns, simply exploit the A.I. -- it will unerringly find
    you, so once you hear the crash of a breach and firing, sprint back to the
    starting area. This does several things: one, you separate the faster regular
    soldiers from the shield soldiers. This means you can hose them before they
    shield soldiers appear, giving you an easier time than Breach and Clear.

    Secondly, the A.I. has a problem turning corners. Enemies will almost always
    have a problem turning to face you once they step past the thin barricade's
    entrance (they generally reveal themselves fully, making them easy targets).

    Lastly, the huge lobby (and the escalators) mean you have plent of distance
    to down enemies as they approach. You can do this for all the enemies, right
    up to the final wave. Easy!

    Matt Pawelski wrote:

    For Terminal on Veteran Solo, stick with an ACR Grenadier and a Riot Shield.

    Kill the first group with the Stryker, take a Riot Shield. Do not move to far
    towards the open sitting area just yet. If the elevator blows and drops before
    hand, you may be overwhelmed.

    Once the first group is down, plant three claymores -- one just inside the
    starting room, one at the top of the stairs that lead outside and one half way
    down the stairs. Now run up with shield equipped and spawn the first large
    group that pops smoke.

    Roll back inside with riot shield up while some smoke clears. Once it does
    start snap-aiming into the smoke to pick off unshielded folks. As the shielded
    guys approach, roll one cooked frag into the group once they are clustered.

    Fall back to the stairs. Sit there with shield up. The claymores may finish
    them. If not, bum rush them. Run up the escalator and spawn the next group with
    shield up.

    Once they are running toward you go partially down the stairs and toss one cooked
    Frag and one Flash Bang. Switch to rifle and kill as many as possible, then back
    to shield. Rush the shield guys as necessary, or head down the stairs and finish
    them as they walk down.

    Spawn the last group and immediately fall back into the dark area at the top of
    the escalators. Fire and grenade as much as possible before shielded guys come
    rushing in. Once they do, just guide them in circles until they are vulnerable
    and smack on the head with your shield, one by one.

    The last Part: The room directly across from the glass room, next to the Escalator
    should have two claymores by each possible penetration point. This is the safe house.
    Use the Grenadier on your ACR to finish groups as they reach the top of the escalator.

    Do not allow them to get behind you, if you do, fall back and around the corner to let
    them run through your mine-ridden room. The idea is to keep them all in front of you
    and not flanked. The amount of guys is not unlimited, so a well fought battle will
    mean victory.

    Adrian Colman wrote:

    I found an easier way to do the Terminal level-

    1. Do it 2 player.

    2. After the first wave get one player to grab a shield. Then stand in the
    entrance area in the door way (in front of the weapons)

    3. get the other person to run forward to attract the next wave. Then run back
    to the start and crouch behind the blue wall. When the enemies approach the player
    with the shield in the doorway they stop and shoot the guy with the shield (sometimes
    they even run out of bullets and pull pistols). The other player can then stand up
    (further back) and shoot the troops without getting shot once. If the enemies get too
    close, hit them with the shield.

    4. Then the second player can then grab a shield. Use this when attracting the next
    waves, as sometimes they get a lucky shot and down you upstairs away from the other
    player, using the shield makes it a lot safer running back to the start.

    5. Do point 3 for each wave. Easy.

    Key Points:

    [] Spawn enemies and ambush them back at the starting point.

    [] This separates the non-shielded soldiers from the shield soldiers.

    Estate Takedown (Elimination)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Mister Faididi has noticed that when a Juggernaut has caught on your scent
    (and will iminently attack) the game will play an ominuous, deep tone (similar
    to the Tank tune in Left 4 Dead). Turn up the volume and listen for this
    audible signal and be ready to change tactics.

    There are a variable number of Juggernauts and regular enemies (mixed bag of
    snipers and soldiers). Use the Barretts you start off with and listen to the
    music. You need to play most of the mission by ear since the enemies may decide
    to rush you in different spots.

    Chiefly, you can get the Hostiles count down to about 10 or so by remaining
    near the starting boathouse. And by using a pair of Barretts on Juggernauts
    when you hear the identifying ringtone, you insure you keep ahead. Switch to
    another weapon (maybe even the M240s the Juggernauts drop) to get rid of
    enemies at close and medium range. Remember that there's a veritable weapons
    cache in the cabin; the lowest level cache has the ammo crate (meaning you
    essentially have infinite ammo and grenades, but not claymores) as well as an
    F2000 Thermal and a Walther 2000 Thermal on the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    weapons rack.

    There is also an L86, a handy lightmachinegun with a box magazine. The scoped
    version of this weapon is upstairs (second level of the cabin) and may be handy
    for medium ranged encounters. There is nothing on the third floor (just some
    weapons and a good hiding place against regular enemies, but not Juggernauts).

    Both players should stick together and use their claymores sparingly to sap the
    enemy's numbers. Trap the stairs and the laundry room of the lowest level of
    the cabin with one or two claymores (note, your characters do not set off your
    own claymores, even on Veteran) and dribble away the enemies slowly.

    Remember that the whole cabin is permeable to bullets. While the walls break
    line of sight, bullets go through the floors and walls of the place like water
    through a sieve.

    For Juggernauts, retreat to the boathouse and take up sniping stations. The
    distance they need to cover means you can down them before they can get close
    (especially with 20 Barrett shots between two players). Once the number of
    enemies are down to about 10 or 11, you should be careful; if you haven't
    cleared the cabin, you need to do so while remaining alert to your escape route
    to the boathouse (or another cleared area where you can flee to and snipe) in
    case a Juggernaut appears (this is random).

    While you can survive (barely) at the top of the stairs (very top of the cabin),
    it's much more preferable to team up and snipe Juggernauts before they come

    Simalcrum and Faididi did this on Veteran, and relied chiefly on the M4A1 with
    Grenadier and Barrett M82A1. Hand thrown and launched grenades can be tossed
    into the cabin through the windows and you have plenty of instances where a
    well placed grenade can nuke several hostiles. It was noticed that once the
    hostile count was down to 5, the remaining enemies (snipers and a Juggernaut)
    decided to rush the boathouse. This could be an A.I. "trigger"; be wary.

    If you're having trouble with the Juggernauts coming down the trail to the
    boathouse, place claymores behind the trees (just a few). Even if the mines
    aren't tripped by enemies, the explosions (from the mine being shot) should
    warn you which direction the Juggernaut is approaching from.

    Key Points:

    [] The starting equipment is fine. Don't change it unless you need thermals.

    [] There are Thermal weapons (F2000 and Walther 2000) in the bottom weapons room.

    [] There is an ammo crate in the bottom weapons room, meaning infinite grenades.

    [] Use the boathouse as a fallback point to fight Juggernauts.

    [] Sap enemy numbers by mining the stairs and laundry room.

    [] Impact grenades work great if fired into the cabin's windows.



    Wetwork (Assault)
    Completed on: Veteran

    This stage is essentially the second hostage room to the final one (including
    the attack chopper and the smoke screen ambush). Clearing the first room is
    easy; once you do, having one player take the spot on the scaffold with the
    Dragunov and a second in the hostage room to funnel them outside is handy.

    If you're having trouble clearing the hostage rooms, try using just a single
    hip shot on enemies (and have your sensitivity set to 7 or higher) and firing
    when your crosshairs turn red.

    From the second hostage room to the final hostage room (in the smoke screen
    ambush on the top deck), it's mostly about the attack chopper and taking enemies
    out slowly as they spawn. The attack chopper on Veteran will be more evasive
    and you may not be able to take it out with the RPG-7 or AT-4 (both of which
    were designed for enemy ground armor anyway).

    You can sprint/run/avoid the chopper to the middle deck (above deck 2) and slip
    into the rig's big interior room where there are two Stinger SAMs. Of course,
    enemies are there too, so if you manage to thin them out (by drawing them out
    and sapping them with pre-planted claymores and ambush), you can get into the
    Stinger room with little trouble.

    Once the chopper is downed with the Stinger (you won't hear its rotor ambience
    any more), take in a second weapon (keep the M4A1 you start with because you need
    it for the breach exercises) like the F2000 w/ Thermal.

    The smoke screen ambush is easy. From the top of the stairs, keep going forward
    and past the forklift. You will find a great corner to hide in between the rig's
    railing and a large (indestructable) fuel silo. Simply thin out enemies from here
    and when things get quiet, check the "left" side (around the silo) for the team of
    shooters guarding the Dragunov marksman.

    When enemies on the ground are no more, take one of the CheyTac Interventions with
    Thermal and gun down the shooters in the windows. When things are clear, switch
    to a weapon with a plain Jane sight (the M4A1 is fine) and breach both doors in
    the final hostage room.

    If you face the room from the stairs, the "left" door has a knife soldier on the
    left (when you breach). For the "right" door, you have a knife soldier on the
    right (when you breach). Take these guys out first, then start placing a single
    shot on the rest of the enemies in the room (paying attention to your crosshairs,
    red means shoot; white means do not shoot).

    Foti Mougos wrote:

    Hey I was reading your guide (as usual) to get through SO. I got up to wet work,
    and my brother bailed on me so I tried it solo. I found it way easier. What I've
    noticed is, the hostage rooms are easier to clear (theres less people) and the A.I.
    is a little less damaging. Also what I tried doing was killing the helicopter on
    veteran with the AT4. I actually hit it as it spawned when it came up. So I died
    and restarted and shot at it again: its not that evasive on singeplayer. It still
    dodged one, but it was a lot slower than normal. Maybe singleplayer is a little
    easier to compensate for not having a teammate.

    Key Points:

    [] Enemies are limited.

    [] Helicoptor can be downed with un-aimed missile only after it moves or fires.

    [] Stinger (sure-kill) is in the large room in the rig's interior.

    [] At the smokescreen, use the corner near forklift to clear out enemies.

    [] Hip shoot during breach and watch crosshairs. Fire on red; hold on white.

    High Explosive (Elimination)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Mister Faididi has noticed that when a Juggernaut has caught on your scent
    (and will iminently attack) the game will play an ominuous, deep tone (similar
    to the Tank tune in Left 4 Dead). Turn up the volume and listen for this
    audible signal and be ready to change tactics.

    Used this guy's recommendation to take out this crap. It's not the most glamorous
    method, but it works consistently.

    Brad Kriss wrote:

    Hey your spec ops guide help me pass the last level on vertren, thank you. So i
    saw you didn't have anything on High Explosive so I searched around a little and
    found this - [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgi9F2qT5KA"]YouTube - *Echo - High Explosive* Spec Ops GLITCH - Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2[/ame]. Basically your going to
    run to the right as soon as you get out of the shed and run down till you see a
    green house. go in there and have one player lay on the floor by the dresser so
    he is completely out of sight and then have the other player stand at the door
    and fight the jugs. He will be killed a lot but when he does die you can get 3-5
    knife swipes on the jugs then have your partner revive you when you can knife
    them anymore. It takes about 11 minutes or so of waiting, knifing, and reviving
    but worth it in the end. Hope this helps man!!

    This exploit works (but requires two players and about 15 minutes). The house
    being referred to is this place in the favella -- head right once you start the
    mission to locate it:


    The camping room is inside and to your right once you enter. Remember to have
    the "medic" player go prone or the Juggernaut may shoot him. The best time to
    attack with the knife is in the "first stage" of being downed; when the enemy
    shoots the downed player to the "Second stage" (slowed down and dying), revive
    the attacking player and repeat.

    Make sure the attacking player is in the door, or the enemies march right in
    and slaughter you. Keep in mind when you attack while standing with the knife,
    the stabbing player will lunge forward, changing his position.

    Michael Apire wrote:

    I found an easy way of killing the Juggernaughts in High Explosive. If done
    properly you won't even receive damage and you can beat the Infinity Ward (IW)
    record for solo or co-op on Veteran difficulty.

    From the outset, have have the grenade launcher (Thumper) equipped. If you run
    to the left side, sometimes the first Juggernaut is waiting (hit him once with
    grenade launcher), to the left of him there is a hut/room -- this will form the
    basis of your defence and attack.

    In this room there is a table with chair in the back. You will use this to lie
    prone behind the table/chair facing the door opening. Next to this door there
    is a window to its right; when you're lying down, you should be able to aim
    through the open door and -- at the same time -- see through the window (the
    window is on the same wall as the door).

    Have your grenade launcher aimed at the door so that the grenade is able to hit
    the wall past it. when you see the Juggernauts from the window, shoot the grenades
    through the door and the explosion will damage them. Repeat this process until
    they die.

    As an avenue of escape, there is a big gap behind you (assuming you are facing
    the correct direction as described above). Escape if it looks like the Juggernauts
    are about to make it past the front door. Insure this by dropping a flash grenade
    at your feet to make sure the enemy is stunned.

    When you escape out the back, the Juggernauts should attempt to follow you by
    going through the front door. You may be able to shoot a grenade at them as they
    turn the corner. You can catch the enemies in an infinite loop by going through
    the window.

    You will eventually need to escape your hiding spot since you need to refill on
    Thumper and flashbang ammo. Note that after the first two enemies, the next few
    will come in pairs (or more) but the method for kiling them remains remains the
    same. Just remember if any Juggernauts enter the room, you must use flashbangs to
    escape straight away or they will kill you instantly.

    Another thing -- sometimes enemies hold back from coming forward, but you can
    still see them through the window. They will be further way than usual but you can
    get their attention by quickly standing up and shooting them through the window to
    start this process.

    My key points:

    -- Keep your ammo refilled (grenade launcher)

    -- Escape if enemies get through the door

    -- Rely on the first ammo refill

    Key Points:

    [] Use the co-op revive trick to counter-exploit this exploitive level.

    [] Find the camping spot and don't move. Enemies will eventually find you.

    [] You can knife all the enemies to death, explosives not required.

    Armor Piercing (Elimination)
    Completed on: Veteran

    Mister Faididi has noticed that when a Juggernaut has caught on your scent
    (and will iminently attack) the game will play an ominuous, deep tone (similar
    to the Tank tune in Left 4 Dead). Turn up the volume and listen for this
    audible signal and be ready to change tactics.

    This is the Oil Rig from bottom to top but with fifteen Juggernauts. They
    appear one by one until you've killed a few of them, and then they will
    continually spawn from the second, third, and fourth decks (where the smoke
    screen and helicoptor ambushes were) until you're dead or they are.

    Take two players on this one and trade your Thumper or M240 for the CheyTac
    Intervention (.408 CheyTac caliber, information courtesy of )
    and the .50 Caliber Barret. The Intervention has a thermal scope and the
    Barrett doesn't; however, the Barrett has more ammunition.

    Down the first Juggernaut atop the first hostage room and move up to deck two.
    Locate the scaffolding with the Dragnuov; there is an ammunition crate next
    to the scaffolding. You will make your stand here and kill the incoming
    Juggernauts as they spawn and slowly patrol the rig (eventually making their
    way towards you).

    One player should remain upstairs at the sniper perch (the Barrett player
    should since he has more ammo). The Intervention player can go forward and
    plant Claymores on the side room (the second hostage room) just in case you
    miss a Juggernaut and one of them slips inside. Going forward (to the sliding
    fence opening near the second hostage room) also triggers the spawns to come in

    Note that if one Juggernaut does take a detour into the side room, you have
    about five seconds to kill him before he closes distance and kills your whole
    party. If you're patient, you can take out the remaining Juggernauts in about
    fifteen minutes. Simalcrum and company did this in eleven minutes or so.

    Last note -- it would be advisable to spread out the claymores. A Juggernaut
    managed to spawn in the second hostage room once and killed Simalcrum and co.
    You only need one claymore to explode to alert you to enemy presence. Checking
    on this method for the sixth time, the first Juggernaut is generally KIA atop
    the first hostage room and the other 14 eventually spawned (a mix of kills and
    time for them to waddle their fat *** down to you) and rushed the scaffolding.
    Still, widely seeding the second hostage room with claymores is not a bad idea.

    Graham Waters wrote:

    I was reading your spec ops page specifically the last one armor piercing and I
    can see you have two methods already but I have my own one that is so easy its
    almost laughable.

    I completed it solo on veteran.

    There are 3 main weaknesses I have identified in this level.

    1. Juggernaught A.I. is programmed to find and run up to you so find the perfect
    perch and let them do all the hard work.

    2. As they climb the ladder they have to put their gun down this effectivly disarms
    them leaving them wide open to attack.

    3. because your above them their only real weak point which is their head is fully
    exposed for a full vital seconds.

    From the off head as fast as possible to the platform from where you hide out after
    planting c4 on the dead soldiers at the second breach. stay standing behind the wooden
    pallet facing down and to the left of the ladder you climb towards the concrete piller
    with the number one on it keep your 240 for the duration of this mission.

    This is where the A.I. flaw comes in to play as they are programmed to run up to you
    regardless of where they spawn so its basically a waiting and gun juggling game. They
    will always appear from the south round the concrete piller once they do pull back
    slightly so the floor takes the bullets not you.

    Once they near the ladder move forward and look down as far as possible once they line
    up with the cross hairs start shooting from the hip, the point blank range will do the
    rest. If you do it right they die just as they reach the top of the ladder. Reload your
    gun as its best to have a full magazine then swap your thumper for another 240 and
    reload that one as well.

    Sit tight then the next one will eventually appear, use the same technique by letting
    them get to the ladder, shoot as they climb, kill em at the top reload and refill off
    the guns they drop. Once your down to ten they'll come in pairs every now and then so
    place a claymore at the bottom of the ladder to weaken the first one. Shoot them until
    they die then attempt to reload or switch to your other 240 if the second one arrives
    too soon. You will now have plenty of time to reload both guns and sometimes place
    another claymore. Continue this tactic until they are all dead easy as! should take
    about eleven ot twelve minutes.

    Michael Apire wrote:

    On Armor Piercing I recomennd the .50 Caliber Barret and M240 and using the platform
    method if you're doing this solo. Aim through the board using the .50 Caliber as usual.
    If enemies get through the sniper corridor, you can fall back on the M240 to hose the
    Juggernauts as they climb the ladder (enemies cannot fire while climbing ladders).

    Samuel Gately wrote:

    After reading the guide that you put together for the Armor Piercing Spec Ops
    mission i would like to offer a solution that my friend and i discovered that
    i believe is much easier.

    At the start of the mission as you stated you should pick up the intervention
    and the barrett. But unlike your strategy what my friend and i did was to race
    to the top of the oil rig where the helipad is.

    Depending on how lucky you are you will run into 1-3 juggernauts on the way up.
    It is really more like 1 or 2 but twice we ran into 3 and he killed us because
    we were not expecting him. When you reach the helipad sit on the far right of
    the pad proned and have both people aim at the door.

    Being positioned like this the juggernauts will not be able to shoot you until
    they come up the stairs to get onto the helipad. Using this tactic my friend
    and i survived 4 juggernauts coming at us at once because of our combined fire-
    power taking out a juggernaut in about 2 seconds. If a juggernaut does manage
    to get to the stairs of the helipad just flashbang him and have whoever has
    the barrett to run up and no scope him at point blank range until he dies.

    Key Points:

    [] After the first Juggernaut, the rest will spawn and head downstairs eventually.

    [] Use the scaffolding near the second hostage room and arrange your killzone.

    [] Like Reptile (MK) said: Patience is the key.

    [] You can hide in a crawlspace under the ramp in the stage's middle.

    By the way, i am sorry that it is soo long. :biggrin:

    Comment also if it helped, we want to keep it near the top so people can see it.
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