Unsolved All progress lost/reset no ban

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    While playing a week ago as second player the server went into its disconnect loop for 5 mins then we got a new lobby. my level on multiplayer, zombies had been reset to 1, all calling card progress gone. all keys supply drop guns still there but locked. I am now in the painful process of trying to get help from the crappy activision support and they asked had i received a ban message etc which i didn't having not cheated.
    Has anyone been hit with a ban that can tell me what would have happened had it been the case? What would a pop up etc look like and would they ban for at least 24 hours as I wasn't banned I just stopped playing as I had no guns to use etc.
    I had completed a lot of the challenges over months and would like as much data to throw at them to get it restored from the backups.
    multiplayer was level 45 and zombies 158

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