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All Legit Boosting Lobby!!!! (headshots)

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Hosting boosting match all legit and never fake I host for long periods of time and I'm online mostly all day if you want in all you have to do is send a message saying ( boost ) and you should have a invite in less then 5 min. maximum 10 min. if im not doing a lobby, you should be in, in like a min. or two if im not also if you want to do some more boosting matches with me and really help me out I would really appreciate it if you sent me a friend request :smile: not that hard and you can hang out with me whenever you want :smile: more friends means more boosting for everybody ( just a friendly reminder I am a 10th prestige but do not have gun attachments and camos) so hit me up with a message and a friendly friend request and I'll see to it that you get any desired camo and attachment that you want GT deadlyshot101 :smile:
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