Patched All consoles & Solo XP in custom lobby

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Create a custom game when your happy press square to save your custom game.

STEP 2: Start the custom game, then quit.

STEP 3: Go to Theater Mode, recent games load up any recent game. Don't start the video.

STEP 4: Press right on D-Pad click on your name > Player Channel > Custom Games hover over your custom game press X or A if on Xbox.

STEP 5: A message will pop up hover over Yes.

STEP 6: This part needs perfect timing & depends on your connection. Press X then O fast.

STEP 7: If done correctly it should say Waiting for 5 More Players... you will need 5 players to join in time just invite friends or recent players met.

Then you can add bots to opposite team & change their difficulty to recruit once the game starts your in the glitched lobby.

I'm not the founder of this glitch but found it on YouTube the founder is here you can also watch the video tutorial here


Also I'm still trying to get the timing right I can't seem to get the Waiting for 5 players message to appear. Please comment below if you've gotten this to work. I will notify you all when I get this to work.
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