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    Well, since AIMs sources, atleast the ones I know of, are written in HTML, I was wondering what you can actually modify on AIM.

    Right now, I know you can edit what your screenname's color/font is when you are having a conversation, how to edit the person(s) you are conversing with, and how to delete buddy list ads.

    Editing Colors(or fonts) of Screennames while in conversations
    1)Go to your directory where AIM is installed, then, navigate to AIM6>Services>imApp>YOUR version-ver*_*_*_*>content>im>default(the .CSS)
    2)Open it with notepad or a "notepad thing" to your likings.
    3)Find .localname(or hit ctrl+f ".localname)
    4)You will see this
    .localName {
    font:12px Arial;
    Change the ****** to your color choice(in hex code) you can find some colors here
    5)Save... and you are done (Change the font/size to your liking)
    1)Do steps 1 and 2... but look for .localname*
    2)Edit as you like
    3)Local Host 0 will be the person you are talking to, on a 1 on 1 conversation... the number 1+ correspond to how many people there are in your chatroom.
    Getting rid of ads (tutorial from here)

    "How to remove ads from AIM 6.0 buddy list and profile window...
    Make sure that AIM is completely exited. Don't just sign off, you need to exit AIM completely. Either click on the buddylist on AIM menu>exit AIM, or right-click on the icon on the bottom-right in the system tray on "exit AIM". You'll need to browse your way to the C:\ locations listed below.
    (Not all steps for the buddylist are necessary to remove the ads and ad space; since earlier, older versions of AIM6 & Triton needed them, I'm listing all steps as a whole to cover EVERY version of AIM6 & and old--do them all to ensure proper ad-removal. If you can't make one of the changes because you can't find it, that's ok--it is meant for a different version of AIM.)

    For the buddy list ads:

    C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\imApp\veryour_version\content\bl\aolBuddyListAd.js
    Open up this file in notepad, hit ctrl+f, and search for adcontainer. The first result is the one you want to change--change collapsed=false to collapsed=true.
    Save and close the file.

    C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\imApp\veryour_version\content\bl\bl.js
    Open up this file in notepad, hit ctrl+f, and search for ("adContainer").collapsed = false;. The first, and only, result is the one you want to change--change collapsed = false to collapsed = true.
    Save and close the file. Fire up AIM to see if the ads are gone; if not, do the final step below.

    These are mostly for older versions of AIM6 & Triton:
    C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\imApp\veryour_version\resources\en-US\strings.xml
    Open up this file in notepad, hit ctrl+f and search for bl.aimadrotateinterval. Make the four lines look like this:
    <string name="bl.AimAdRotateInterval">0</string>
    <string name="bl.adHeight">0</string>
    <string name="bl.adWidth">0</string>
    <string name="bl.adUrlFormat"></string>
    Then search for bl.admagic and remove the numbers to make it look like this:
    <string name="bl.adMagic">0</string>
    Save and close the file.

    That's it for the buddy list!"

    *Note* You are the only person who can see the changes of the color/font/size edits!
    [​IMG] Sorry for bad quality
    Well, thanks for anyone else who can help!
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