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AGS-101 Gameboy Color Screen Mod

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As someone who is going on 30, gaming for me started at a Gameboy Color. One of the worst thing about the Gameboy Color was the screen. Just like the GBA, the screens were not backlit. Which left you with options such a a worm light. These add-ons drained the batteries like nuts. Few months ago I found BennVenn who makes a ribbon cable mod for the Gameboy Color to use a screen from a Gameboy Advance SP. Wasn't necessarily cheap to do or easy. A lot of case modding as well as a little soldering. But the end result is amazing. I brought life back to my Gameboy. Figured I'd share. A new mod which gives the same results was just released called Freckle Shack. With Freckle Shack there is little to no case modding. Check it out.



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Dude, in fact, I understand you perfectly, because I also encountered this problem. My GBA just drank all the energy from the battery, and the backlight was very weak, but energy-consuming. I just did not see the point of using it and spending money on batteries. After that I switched to PS 2 and it was a whole new and amazing experience, but the problem was that nostalgia for old games like Mario did not leave me. I was not going to buy a new GBA because my brother told me about the emulator. I downloaded gba roms from romsie.com and there I found a list of games and I decided to try it. The mechanics of the game did not differ from the mechanics in GBA and then I completely switched to the emulator, forgetting about PS2. So don't waste money on batteries😂
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