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  1. Rogue Soldier

    Rogue Soldier Newbie

    I like to do the odd Money Lobby on PC although I couldn't be bothered to have to keep moving around every minute to prevent AFK kick. I do my lobbys in invite only. I seen something about it the other day. Is it possible??
    [doublepost=1531349948][/doublepost]Idk if this counts as modding support or not. if so I guess an admin can move it to the appropriate section.

  2. EyeDuDab

    EyeDuDab ...But Those Are All Piping Dreams!


    • Tie your aim button down and unequip any weapons.
    • On pc, there are many macro tools available
  3. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Rook..Raggy a Kroo☠️ Staff

    I have noticed that at 15 minutes you are kicked no matter what your controller settings are in Steam.
    I have mine plugged in and set to “never” turn off. Still after
    15 minutes I get an alert
    “kicked for inactivity”.
    Generally I run short
    AFKs on console so I actually put one
    together for PC today.
    26 second rounds.
    25 minute match time.
    I also have an afk race that runs about 9 minutes per lap. It wouldn’t work as a lap race. I kept getting kicked. When I made it point to point and put it in a playlist is when I realized that there is a timer at 15 minutes.
    Oddly enough this only seems to hold true in player created jobs.
    I can stay AFK in freemode indefinitely by banding my left trigger:wink:
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