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Patched AFK farm peyote RP using Titan or Cronus



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Which peyote plant location is that?
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If there's anyone out there interested in quick rank up while we have peyote, I've spent the majority of the last 24 hours trying to perfect a method to farm RP using peyote and my Titan 2. I think after about 60 levels and almost 2 million RP in a day, I've figured it out.


- use posted method for farming peyote and joining a friend in a close friend Titan of a Job lobby with closed matchmaking
- peyote plant on the point of the sandbar on the Paleto Forest coast shown in the video link below
- Titan 2 or Cronus (with knowledge how to convert Titan scripts/macros to cronus)

Video link showing Gtuner (Titan 2 PC software) controlling my Xbox: (sorry for the loud breathing, lol)

File share containing the macro (gmk) and script (gpc):


Actual script to loop the macro: (button8 is left trigger on Xbox to start/stop and if you change the name of your macro file it can't exceed 8 characters or it won't work)

#pragma METAINFO("Peyo", 1, 0, "<author_name>")
bool bplay=FALSE; // inverses the value FALSE<->TRUE
main {
if(event_active(BUTTON_8)) {

if (bplay) macro_run("peyote.gmk");
else macro_stop();

I tried a ton on different plants but the one on the video is best because there's only 2 random spawns that it'll force you into when you jump back into the lobby and they're linear and equidistant from the plant on both sides. So you park your vehicle exactly where mine is and you'll only ever spawn in the exact spot you see me in the video, allowing the macro to accurately run with no hiccups.

Things that will mess this up and may require this process to have a little periodic babysitting:

- phone calls that come in and block being able to press the D-pad to eat the plant so set all notifications off and to 1 hour
- make sure view is set to 3rd person middle option and expanded radar is OFF
- like I said before, not spawning exactly where you need to be cause the macro is running the same control sequence each time and if you mess up once you'll likely not realize it until you've already wasted a bunch of time
- peyote plant sometimes takes 4/5 seconds to respawn after you rejoin lobby (make sure you're in an inv only session)
- this is NOT fool proof or like a capture or survival AFK where you can go to sleep and be good - after messing with many locations and figuring out that you can block spawn points, I've settled on the spot shown and I've gotten it to run for 2-3 hours straight, no mess ups. I've gone from 882 yesterday morning to a 950 - over 2 million RP and this macro runs for just about a minute so it should be close to 300k per hour if all goes well.

FYI I'm a Titan programming novice and this was my first time doing anything but loading other people's scripts so I won't be much help beyond what I've provided. Good luck and happy grinding!

Which peyote plant location is that?
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I found it, i have 1 problem with using the ps4 macro.. when i record an autoclicker setup and play it, it will just pause randomly at one time..

Anyone knows what i might be doing wrong?
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