adding a working sniper tower to relic

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    hey i wanted to make a second sniper tower but when i did it wouldnt float..
    what i did was i cloned 2 rocket launchers and then i went into itmc adder and added them to the map then changed their dependicies to the bas of the sniepr tower and the top and i went into the bsp viewr in entity and moved them where i wanted to and saved and resigned and when i went into the map on my xbox 360 it was there but the top part wasnt floating instead it was just sitting on top of the base.
    what my question is how do i make it float properly?
    plz if u know where i can find a in depth tut with pics post a link i will thank u
    if u know how plz post a tut in this thread if u can with pics plz that would be just great

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