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Solved Action figure not where it's supposed to be.



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I'm having an issue in the game and hopefully someone can help. I have collected 96 of the action figures and I'm aware that the last two won't spawn at the plane junkyard in Sandy Shores until you find 98 figures. My problem is that the action figure that's supposed to be on the hood of the junk car, at the hippie UFO camp is not there. I've rebooted and then gone back no luck. The other one that is not where it's supposed to be, is in the back of the club, that's across the street from Los Santos customs down town, next to a metal rod fence, is not there either. It's driving me crazy, anyone have any solutions? Thanks.

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Are you using a mod menu?
If yes do you have “protection” turned on to block collectibles?
Start the game without a mod menu and you will be fine.
If no the are you doing this in a public session?
Others mod menu could be affecting them.
Look for them in an invite only lobby.
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