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    The following is a tutorial explaining how to perform the Doomsday Act 2 Repeat Glitch.

    Please keep in mind this method is for PC only. Since the timing and method is different on console.
    Also remember. BOTH Host and Helper will recieve money. I would suggest just playing 2 players, since that generates the most money per hour.

    This is an old method but I can't seem to find any good tutorials on it, so here we go

    What is needed:

    - Facility
    - Act 1 completed, or all Acts unlocked. (All you need is to be able to do Act 2)
    - Act 2 Finale ready (All preps and setups completed)
    - Players to play with you (preferably only 1)


    Step 1: Before starting the Heist, make sure the Host makes a withdrawal (any amount is ok, you just need some cash to deposit to the bank for the glitch part further on) from the bank. Once done, go to step 2.

    Step 2: Start the Heist, the Ground Team does everything as normal. BUT (REALLY IMPORTANT: The Air Force can not enter the Avenger until both teams are there, just go near it and stand AFK or whatever but DO NOT ENTER THE AVENGER! (The final cutscene in the submarine for the Ground Team is 2:35 minutes if you want to watch YouTube under the time lol)

    Step 2: Once the Ground team comes out of the water, he needs to make his way to the Avenger.

    Step 3: Once there, both teams needs to go into the Avenger (make sure to kill the 3 choppers that will spawn) and fly towards the Hangar. I would suggest the Host flies. At this point. The Air team is done. They don't have to do anything more.

    Step 4: When you are coming near the Hangar, the Host needs to make a deposit to his bank account using his phone (Any amount, does not matter). I would suggest just landing the Avenger outside of the Hangar and doing it.

    Step 5: Once you've made a deposit, make your way into the Hangar and land the Avenger. Be ready to pull your Ethernet cord, or turn off your Wi-Fi.

    Step 6: Once you've landed, a cutscene will start playing, and at the bottom right corner you will see a "Transaction Pending" window. Wait for it to dissapear, and quickly pull you Ethernet chord, or turn off your Wi-Fi so your computer loses it's connection to the internet and wait untill you're thrown into GTA Story Mode. The Air Force will still be in the Heist. And the cutscene will keep playing for them. They don't have to do anything.

    Step 7: Once in GTA Story Mode, reconnect your internet and sign in to your Social Club and load into an Invite Only session. Check your balance and see if it worked. At this point the glitch is done, if you want to see if you succeeded with the repeat part. See step 8.

    Step 8: Wait around 5-10 minutes for Lester to call. Once he calls, you will be able to do the Heist again. If he does not call, you may have failed the glitch. Go to your Facility and see.

    Once you've succesfully done this glitch once. It may happen that you encounter a popup from Rockstar talking about "Too many Payment Requests" when exiting the Avenger at the Hangar. Simply ignore this. Wait 1 second and press enter. Now look at the bottom right corner until the Transaction Pending window goes away and pull the cord or disable Wi-Fi, then proceed with the glitch as normal.

    Hope this helps someone! :smile:
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    I never understood why are people doing glitches on PC.
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  3. Trond

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    Becoz its safer than a mod menu?
  4. Syek

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    Does this work on console??
  5. OP

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    It does work, but there's different timings. If you try it on console, only the Helper will recieve money unfortunately
  6. ikyk

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    I have been doing this for over a year on pc
  7. Y_man

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    and how often do you do it, and how many runs each time? i recently got into it and am afriad overdoing it to get banned,

    thanks in advance!
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