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Discovery A useless casino bodyguard dupe glitch (may or may not be useful in roleplaying scenarios)



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Start by having a friend in your session to do the floor breach trick.

Also have another friend in a launched job inside an invite only session.

This trick will duplicate the body guards outside the casino side doors. And sometimes the valet at the front entrance. I havnt seen other NPCs affected yet.
I had 4 bodyguards before i stopped 🤣

As far as ive tested, you MUST have access to a penthouse for this to work. I dont know if you can use your friends...

Goto the elevator inside the casino, and prep your job friend.
Join that friend via quick dashboard, and enter the elevator to the penthouse at the same time (accept all alerts to kick you back)
You will glitch out a bit and end up in the penthouse.

Now spectate your friend via the pause menu/friends tab, and quickly join your job friend.
If done correctly (fast enough) you will fall thru the penthouse floor when you get kicked back.
Theres nothing below you, so you will end up ontop of the map again.
Go look at your duped bodyguards.

Repeat from the casino elevator to dupe more

If you want to repeat the floor breach, make sure you join the job friend normally inbetween, get booted back to lobby... THEN redo the spectate trick. If not, YOU WILL NEVER FALL THROUGH THE FLOOR

Video (no voice over and skip to 3m:12s to get started)

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