A few Updated emulators for the xbox

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    since all the emus were pretty much updated and im bored im going to list all the versions of the emulators so you can upgrade yours.

    1.atari7800 v.5
    2.xboyadvance V.21 plays GB,GBC, and GBA
    3.neogenesis v.23 (I actually dont have this so i can not answer questions)
    4.Surreal64xxB5.1CE Is personally my favorite emulator... Just add the 1964_1.1 new sorce and it runs like a charm.
    5.pcsxbox v.20 ( I like it better than v.18 just cuz i like to be up to date)
    6.mednafenx_nes v.10
    7.Zsnexbox v. 3.5
    8.sc3x_v005 ( last one and this is for the guy who wondered wat the sega emulator was)

    I might be off on 1 or 2 but this is wat i thought i should post. If you like N64 get the updated emulator because it helps runing alot of games that couldnt run like Banjo tooie. Any questions ill try to answer.

    ps. if you want any of them just download from auto xbins... dont have it get auto xbins here http://rapidshare.com/files/10609350...Auto_Xbins.rar... not my link though so idk if its still working


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