A CHALLENGING request for Gemini/Tombstone

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    The mods I have downloaded and seen for both maps have either froze my xbox or have just been pretty plain. I'm going to put a challenge out to see if any serious modders would still be up for a tough mod for each map. The winner, well you get my thanks and recomendations for any further maps to anyone that asks. I can't offer much more then that. But as for the maps I would like to see something outstanding and it wont freeze my xbox, haha. Starting with the basics; Unlimited amno, Fast movent, Easy flying. Auto-aim we don't need sence were testing mods. but for the sake of everything "New" lets change the guns around. lets actually do something to that carbine that everyone dreads and make it the most amazing gun out there. Also, the projectiles would be nice to have changed and visble.
    Sence this all will reach many many halo 2 players the wining moder might want to add his or her name to the map to be recognized and appreacited!
    Thanks for your attempt, If even attempted. And hope to see some good ones!!!
    And remember, Have Fun With It!


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