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50 in ( MLG ) ( DuBs ) ( Slayer )



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Me and my freind were looking for the reviews of Halo 3 boosters to find out who was the best booster out there by far and we found several people who do a great job getting 50's in MLg playlist fast. These reviews were based on speed, Quality, Customer Service, and Professionalism.

  1. Cpt Boost
  2. Snip3down
  3. Timeliest Brute
  4. T2 is rippin
Now the pros listed above are definately faster at getting 50's for you but their prices and time are to exhasting. They charge well over 50 dollars for leveling. Cpt Boost even listed his credentials, prices and also age.

Cpt Boost

  • 23 years old
  • always availible
  • Good prices - negotiable
  • 10 years Halo exp
  • Times all weapons and Powerups
  • Knows spawns and routes for objective Gametypes
  • 4-5 shot Br
  • 1-2 shot Snipe
  • Sick= More wins and Leadership skills
  • Laid Back and Chill
Why would we advertise for this guy? Because we are the communtity of Gamers and we decided to find the Most legit Booster's out there who deserve customers and have been serving us since the beginning of Halo 3.

Thanks and Consider Cpt Boost:thumbup:


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I've never seen Snipedown or T2 ever advertise boosting services and would love to see where you spotted were they boost. I know pro's like Naded do it, but its like ****ing 2 dollars per win. WTF is that when I can get a 50 legit.
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