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50 Booster/filler For MLG/TS

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I can no longer bridge or ATS due to my new internet setup (all wireless) and i want my new account to a 50 in TS. Iv got it to a 42 in ts but after mw2 came out i tryed to play TS resently to rank up and im officaly garb, MW2 ruined my halo skills lol.

Anyway i still have an old gamertag that is a 50 in TS and MLG. I will help you boost off my MLG 50 if you help get my TS 50. Also this account has tons of wins on my 50 so dont worry about that.

Lastly this MLG 50 account is for sale or trade for help in this. The acount has 40s in other playlists and has a 50 in MLG TS TD and TO. Also this account is a 10th prestige 70 in mw2 and all vidmasters so you can haz recon :tongue:. If you want this accounts Gamerscore modded as well i will do that for you before trade. Anyway hit me up if you can help me with my 50 on my new tag.

Note i will not trade the account just for a 50 in TS. Anyway pm me or message my GT The 7th Soidier Or i7th Thanks


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For the account I can teach you how to bridge/standby completely wirelessly. Contact me on my GT Ayo Insomnia.
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