5$ for standbyer and bridger MLG 48-50

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  1. tristanisabear

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    Hey I'm a 48 in MLG right now with quite a bit of expe. If you have a friend that could do the other job for free then I could give you the whole 10$. Please do not tell me you"ll do one job for free if you just find me a bridger or standbyer. I only know a few. I will be on in a few hours so msg me if you have a friend that can do one of the jobs with u. To prevent scamming I will pay you at lvl 49. I should be on at about 9 pst. So just hit me up with a F/R and hopefully ill see u tonight.

    Btw its 5$ for the bridger and 5$ for the standbyer. I also have paypal fti.
  2. I b3z3rk3r I

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    i can bridge. send me a message on xbl xfearx xsn1p3rx

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