4v4 MLG Scrimmage.

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  1. TI Seven

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    Looking for a four man team to scrimmage with today.

    Best out of three games. This is not competitive for gamebattles, just a practice scrimmage. I don't care if your a team of four or a four man team of friends.

    Gametypes that will be played.

    MLG Gaurdian: MLG Oddball
    MLG Onslaught: MLG Multi-Flag
    MLG Narrows: MLG Team Slayer

    These are just random types I picked. These arn't our favorit maps or anything. If you don't believe me I'll be happy to switch up the maps and game types.

    We are able to scrimmage from 4:30PM EST Time to 8:00PM EST Time.
    Please add my Gamertag: TI Seven.

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