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this my take you time.

Microsoft expects for to pay close to 200 bucks to upgrade you xbox hard drive from 20gb to 120gb. thats about 120gb SATA drive actually costs. but with this slightly tricky hack, you can bundle while boosting your game consoles storage capacity to hold more music, video and other media files.

You'll need a DOS installation on a writable flas thumb drive for this hack. [ the utility does not work under windows, and you'll also be disconnecting your pc's hard drive.] First grab a spare USB thumb drive and copy the HP Drive key boot utility [ find.pcworld.com/61421]to it.The utility is designed for HP flash drives,but it works on other types of flash drives,too. Also download
and mount a DOS image file [ find.pcworld.com/61422 ]. In windows Vista, right-click the HP utility and run it as administrator. Select the thumb drive, choose the FAT structure, click the Create a DOS startup disk check box, and pick the DOS files when prompted. Then download the DOS xbox utility, HDDhackr [find.pcworld.com/61423], copy it to the root level of the thumb drive.

This hack is designed to work with a specific drive, the 120gb Western Digital Scorpio, model number WDGWD1200BEVS. You'll be replacing the drive's native firmware with Xbox-recognized firmware. You can track down the firmware online by doing a search for "hddss.bin 120 Xbox 360." Place the hddss.bin file in the root of your DOS thumb drive.

With your pc turned off, unplug any other SATA devices and then connect the new Scorpio drive to one of the SATA cables and to a power lead. Afterward, boot from your DOS thumb drive [ specify a boot drive in your PC's BIOS, if nessecary]. At the DOS commandline, type run hddhackr-f and press <enter>. You'll be prompted to make a backup of the original drive firmware; do so.

Continue with the process to flash the firmware on the new hard drive. After a few seconds, you'll be prompted to restart the computer. Once you have done so, run the "hddhackr-f" command again, and it should report that the hard drive has been formatted for the Xbox 360.

Use torx screwdrivers to remove the 20gb hard drive from your Xbox and to remove the drive from its case. Swap the formatted western digital drive into the case, put it back together, and start the console. Follow the prompt under System - memory to formatt the new drive; after formatting is complete, the drive will be ready to use.

If you dont really get it check the video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WR9inneEkA YouTube - Video Tutorial Upgrade Xbox 360 Hard Drive

also you might need this program


You might need to print this cause you'll need to turn off you PC.
I am not responsible if any of the process gets mistaken and mess up stuff.

HAVE fun with the new memory for your Xbox :biggrin: :smile:



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Your link don't work, plus you need a virus scan of that.

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give credit where credit is due.
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