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  1. k0m1kaz33

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    For some reason I can not SSH into my Ipod Touch 1st gen.

    My specs are:

    Ipod touch 1st gen
    Firmware Version 2.2
    Jailbroken with Quickpwn
    Open SSH
    Automatic SSH
    Toggle SSH

    I am using WinSCP and this is the info I am entering in my connection.

    Host Name:
    Port: 22
    Username: root
    Pasword: alpine
    Protocol: SFTP

    I am using a static IP on my Ipod that is set to, so I know that the IP is correct. My theory is that the password has been changed without me remembering. When I connect with these settings all it does is brings a white box with the minimize button and the close button and the title of the box is the name of the connection. The only thing is that it is only white like it is not responding. After a while I get a messege saying "Network error: Connection timed out."

    I have been using Disk aid to transfer files but it does not let me set permissions.

    Help is appreciated.
  2. TerminatioN

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    I was having this same problem with SSHing into my iPhone. I just kept trying to reconnect over and over again and eventually it let me in. I have no idea what makes it let me in after the 20th time as opposed to the 1st time, but it does, and it does that everytime.

    So my only advice is to keep trying to get in. After like 15-20 tries though, then you can give up and look for other solutions.
  3. OP

    k0m1kaz33 Enthusiast

    Yay i did it in safe mode and it worked.

    Lock thread plz

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