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Unsolved 1v1 -- getting shot once and dying. what gun(s) are used for this?

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Support' started by Jaykae, Oct 9, 2019 with 1 replies and 105 views.

  1. Jaykae

    Jaykae Member

    1v1 -- getting shot once and dying. what gun(s) are used for this? :what:
    So I was in a public session, some dude was being as ***hole and kept killing me. 1 shot everytime and I was dead. he was not using a sniper.
    I have my stats all maxed out, I tried to shoot him but he dodge the bullets and then one shot and I was dead. wtf?

    I think I was using the carbine rifile, what guns are best for this?

    Sorry, newb question! XD
  2. schitzotm

    schitzotm Contributor

    Likely an mkii variant. Many use the marksman rifle and the combat mg. Both can get many mods in the moc. Its likely the rounds he was using. You should have a bulletproof helmet on.
    One of the best combats against a ground griefer is not the 1v1. Remember they are on the ground and have likely marked you in their interaction menu so they are now spawn hunting you. If this guy is on the ground and a ceo bait him. You need to be running so he cant shoot you.
    Now while running pull up your phone and call your mechanic. (He will think you are running away and this is good because he will likely run after you)
    Call out the tank from your facility. Do not run at it just yet. Let him think you are running away. Circle back to your tank. (He will be so focused on you he wont even see the tank)
    Get in and blow him up. Stay in motion and quickly open the interaction menu and mark this guy. Now head the direction he spawned. He will likely attempt to blow up the tank because he is the almighty destroyer. Drop him a few times and now he is trying to turn off his ceo so he can go passive or he is trying to get his oppressor. Either way do not let him have time for any of that. Just keep blowing him up. Remember while he is ceo if he is near a road he will spawn up or down that road so just circle the road til you see him. (He wont spawn very far away) just keep killing him until you are on top on the kd. He will more than likely dashboard quit the game.
    And the best part is as long as he has no friends in the lobby absolutely nobody will bother you while you are serving justice.
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