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Is The Digital Vikings Money Lobbies Legit?

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Digital Viking

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Two years ago, me and a couple of modders started a small team that helped people out in GTA:O giving them free money drops on a daily basis. Well a week ago we decided to come back to the roots so we can prepare for RD:O. We will be opening daily money drop lobbies again for anyone that wanna join us. We will be doing 2.5k Bags as that is the highest amount of money bags we can drop at these times.

The guidelines are simple, we open this thread, you post your Social Club name here and i will start adding you and giving you a message on how it all works out. We mostly drop for approx 1 - 3 hours depending on how much time we have. We are a couple of modders so we will be able to take alot more people in than normal. (It may be another modder that will contact you ingame just if you are confused, since we are multiple people)

Hope to see you all again in the drop lobbies!

We are not taking donations for these services. We do it for our own free will and for enjoyment on both parts.

1. We do not take responsibility of any bans!
2. Do not shoot, hit, run over or kill each other!
3. Follow the hosts instructions and ask where to go. (Locations changes a lot.)
4. Please obey the Host as he is doing this for you.
5. We are allowed to kick you out of the session at any point if you don't follow our rules.
6. We do not accept any other modder in our session.
7. The Host decides when to start and when to end.
8. Do not bring any kind of entity to the dropping area. (Cars, NPC's and so on.)
9. If you don't follow these rules then we will kick you from the session and if you keep on breaking the rules we will blacklist you.

Information Regarding Lobby:
We at Digital Vikings really appreciate that you all wanna come by us to get our services. Though this also put us on a lot of work so there may be a wait time on the lobbies.

Please be patient we will get to you. From now on i will be adding people who wrote their SC and then i'll add them for the next day lobbies, or have one of my other modders add you.

Please Note: We do have a lot of requests for our lobbies. So please stay calm and check your social club messages every now and then. We will contact you with the information you need to join our lobby.

We are really working hard on getting you all into one of our lobbies and make sure you all get a share of the money.

We would really appreciate if you took your time to leave a rate and a comment on the page here after you have attended one of our lobbies. You are ofcourse also welcome to join the rest of our lobbies as we have no limit on how much cash you want dropped. We just really want you to leave a feedback. (Please don't rate fake if you wasn't invited the same day as we opened the thread. Again we have A LOT of people to go through.)

Hope you respect and understand that. :smile:
Thank you!

How to?:
Want to join this lobby then please leave your Social Club Name in this thread or give me a PM on this site.
When you have added your social club in this thread or gave me a PM then await a message in Social Club with information upon how to join our lobby.

  • Do not bank the cash you got from the drop.
  • Do not talk about getting alot of money from a modder.
  • Don't spend all your cash at once.
  • Please don't report the modder or any of the participants.
  • Don't reply to the information message on social club.
  • If you want to get in contact with me then ask for my Discord or Steam. (The Account i use for modding is an ALT not my main.)

Question: Do you only host one lobby for each participant?
Answer: We host multiple lobbies each day.
Question: Can i get banned for this?
Answer: The risk is really really low. But there always is a risk but ofcourse that is accepted when joining these lobbies. For example if people do dumb moves about reporting you. But our ban rate is at 0% at the moment.
Question: You don't respond to me on social club why is that?
Answer: When i am online i am mostly really busy setting up the money drop. I also got tons of other stuff to monitor while doing it so i really only have limited time on Social Club.
Question: How long do you drop on a average in one lobby.
Answer: That can variate. Mostly i drop for around 1 - 2 hours per lobby.
Question: How many droppers are you at the moment?
Answer: We are 5 verified droppers making lobbies for you all right now. (We don't accept anyone. We do take safety serious.)
Question: Can i join anytime i want?
Answer: Yes you may join when you want to. Just follow our rules or you might get blacklisted at some point.
Question: Do you only drop 2.5k bags?
Answer: Yes. We only do drop 2.5k bags. Not only because higher drop amounts have been patched but also for security reasons. Still we easily get people up on 5 - 10 millions in one lobby.

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Digital Vikings
GTA:O Free Lobbies
Status: Online
Hey all!
I have started doing some free money lobbies for the GTA:O community and wish you guys to come by to. :smile:
Digital Vikings is still a little new lobby project but we are improving so please bare with us.


1. I do not take any responsibility of bans!
2. Do not shoot, hit, run over or kill each other!
3. Go to airport and wait for drop!
4. Do as the host says!
5. I am allowed to leave the server if you don't behave while doing the lobby.
6. No other modders on the same lobby!
7. The Host chooses when to start and when to end.
8. If you don't follow these rules then i will blacklist you from the service.

How to?:
Please just reply or PM me with your Social Club Name.
Then i will add and we will take it from there.

Approved! Please note that you are NOT allowed to charge, offer recoveries, advertise offsite contact, or lead users off-site via this thread. If you're found doing this, your thread will be removed and you may receive an infraction. You are also NOT allowed to prioritize anyone who donates to your lobby - they cannot receive special treatment in your lobby because they donated, nor can you provide them any paid services, etc. You will also be infracted if we find out that you're prioritizing your donators. Please remember to report your thread to be opened or closed at the start or end of your hosting session, respectively.

If anyone sees this thread violating any of the hosting guidelines of this section, or rules for the site, please report the thread ASAP.

Thank you for hosting for free on Se7enSins!

Notice: I am not the host, please do not message or quote me asking for an invitation to the lobby.


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SC: Matyilordman
thanks :smile:
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