0022 Jtag Xenon Error Code! Flashing Error!

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    Helle 7sinners, I really need your help! I havent touched my jtag for 3 months since it last broke. After a kv flash, i turned my jtag on and got 3 red rings and then a 0022 secondary error code. Ive flushe alchohol on the chips, reflowed 100 times, and i cant even go to xell to reflash my updflash! 3 months later, i am back into jtagging and now turn on my jtag and after 30 seconds of a green middle light, 3 red rings! I cant even sync my controller, i can trun jtag on with controller but there is no player signal. Like 1/4 of a led circle on the xbox middle button on console and controller. First person who helps gets into a MW2 Infectable XP Lobby. (System Link w/ JTAG infecting my account with XP Patch for XP) Also, PLEASE MAKE IT CHEAP and pretty EASY!THANK YOU!

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    Well even though you reflowed it's possible that you killed the CPU/GPU (or it died) so you can re-flow as many times as you want to and it will still RROD. If this is the case you must replace the GPU/CPU chip itself.

    You might want to send it to Icy-tank.

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