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PS3 0-Air Force Zero-0 [Skilled Pilots Needed]

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Social Club 0-Air Force Zero-0 link- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/0-air_force_zero-0
Twitter: @AirForceZero0
Hello guys,
I've recently created a crew for passionate pilots who want to join me in becoming the best flyers out in GTA Online.

The crew has only just started and im looking for people to help build it up. I have made this crew becasue there are not many "air" crews online that are based on flying. If you can prove to be a skilled pilot who has plenty of experience (12+ hours flight time in planes or helicopters to join the crew and 20+ hours to be promoted to the higher ranks. I have my self 50+ hours combined flight time).

Futher tests will be carried out in order to fully enrol you in the crew. Don't worry if you have less than required air time as training can be provided if needed to be, unless you're a natural born flyer.

The crew isn't just about flying around as car meets can be hosted officially or unofficially. Also flight shows can be arranged which will include stunts and all sorts. Members must be active as such to allow themselves to participate in aforementioned events. Members must behave in a friendy manner to other members and "back" them up in firefights with enemy crews. Members of this prestigious crew should respect what the crew stands for. LOL. Mostly just be active and participate in events, no hassle and no killing members. Also no trolling, well if you want but not in car meets or air shows or in any event created by a member of the crew.

Members must have a microphone, you know? How people communicate to each other over GTA Online. Most importantly no crap mics. That means no crackling, no annoying background noise or anything else that may be perceived as "annoying".

This crew was made for pilots who want to get good at flying and want to have fun whilst doing so. Futhermore for Experienced Aviation Specialists ahahaha to meet up with other pilots and do their thing in the sky.

Preferably, we want the Flight School to be completed (doesn't mean much just lets us know you are good at some aspects of flying). If you have done the all and have achieved Gold (like me), then there is a high chance of a promotion, yay.

If there's anything you want to ask go ahead and anything we need to improve on tell me or any high ranking member.

To my fellow aviators, roll out. :biggrin:

P.S: You need to message me on social club or on se7ensins for an invite to this prestigious club.!!!

Also message me on PSN for an invite too: zakiak47
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Sent in request on social club


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Im currently in a Crew with some of best Dog-Fighters, You down for a 5v5?
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