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Paid Service đźŚ MiDNiGHT Halo Infinite🌠AimBot&Silent&NoSpread&DoubleTap🎯+NameSpoofer🕵️+Flyhack🦸+ESP&Chams🔎

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Looking for Halo MCC mods instead of Halo Infinite mods? Click here to view our sales thread for that on Se7ensins.
After months of research and development, our Halo Infinite modding suite is now available!
We've created what we think is the best possible experience you can have, with many features such as:

Competitive Pricing
First, let's get this out of the way. Pricing is currently $29.99/monthly through crypto, or $34.99/monthly through a reseller via their various other payment methods. Don't deal with other providers who charge an arm and a leg for a fraction of the features and security we offer. We're constantly adding features so the price may change any time.

Extremely Precise Aimbot
Our angle aimbot has prediction and is extremely accurate and precise no matter how fast you are moving or how fast you make it. You can make it 360 degree snap instantly or have it smoothened out for legit play with the additional choice of having it only aim at those visible to you. Say goodbye to crappy mouse aimbot from other providers and say hello to how it should be.

Silent Aimbot
You heard that right, in addition, we are currently the only provider with silent aimbot.

No Spread
Unlike some solutions who advertise they have it, ours actually works in multiplayer, and doesn't just make your bullet holes seem accurate for you only. Turn your AR into a laser beam and land shots from anywhere.

We have a thing for making our cheats not only be good, but look good too. Pairs well with our already 100+ choices of visual customization.

...and so much more
Third person mode, an easy-to-use name spoofer unlike others, a flyhack and speedhack that doesn't speed up your game unlike others.... what else do you need?

Want to see the full feature list? View it from our website by clicking here.
And here are some additional videos of it in action!
We give free subscription time to anyone who makes media!

Visit https://midnight.software/store for purchasing options. By purchasing an access key, you gain access to our user management panel in which you can download our hack and play, as well as access to join our private Discord server. We hope to see you give us a try soon!

If you want a vouch copy and are a reputable member of Se7ensins, let us know :smile:

There are currently some other providers of questionable quality. Please do your due diligence and note that any cheat that directly moves your mouse for aimbot, or speeds up your entire game for a speedhack, is 100% detected. These methods are detected on EAC.
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