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Hay guys any chance of some one pm me a PS4 playlist so I can sort my boy out as he’s just started playing. Thanks in advance


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I can't help it I am obsessed with milking as much money and RP as I can from GTA V.
I am continually searching for the most efficient methods of leveling up while gaining financially simultaneously.
Playing the game the way it's designed oftentimes results in zero money or RP for your time in addition to the fact you lose money each time you discharge a round.
This is the reason behind me spending a great deal of time in creator to perfect my technique.
I am happy to share my experience with you:biggrin::geek::whistle:
I can no longer share playlists here. Rockstar are preventing it from happening.
It will now be a compilation of materials regarding the creation and discussion of AFK Captures.
I will be happy to answer any questions and guide you to creating your own if that's what your goals are. Enjoy!
As you can see I started this account in April of last year.
I had surpassed level 700 in only five months!
Initially it took me one week to reach level 100.
It moves faster the lower your level.
The higher your level the more RP it takes for you to level up.
This account was also played on frequently and not 100% AFK.

This is my current project.
I have been AFK since I have created the account :whistle:
I have posted my results for this account throughout the thread.
So far So good :geek:
I am planning on being AFK on PS4 until RDR2 is released :roflmao:
I haven’t spent any money in game except for a two car garage.
  1. Two consoles
  2. A reliable friend with a reliable internet connection, preferably local if possible.
  3. A common timeline that you both can agree to.
  4. Black hair ties; Rubber Bands; Scripts; Macros
  5. A Playlist with 16 AFK jobs of your choice
    1. Tie two rubber bands together by looping one through the other and then through itself.
    2. Place one band over the left handgrip.
    3. Place that same band over L2/Left Trigger
    4. Place the second band up over you left stick so that it pulls forward.
  1. Start an invite only session.
  2. Invite your friend.
  3. Invite friend to apartment.
  4. Both players set to closest camera view to your character if a walking job
  5. Start Playlist.
  6. Set rounds to your preferences
  7. Seven rounds will result in thirteen rounds total. If you want it to be shorter change the rounds.
  8. Leave time settings to the highest amount of time. You only need to ensure there is enough time to complete a seven and a half minute round. I usually leave it at 30 minutes because it is just easier to ignore.
  9. Band your Controller or Start your macro sequence.
  10. Ensure your controller is plugged in directly to your Xbox and batteries are removed
  11. Ensure that your console is not in auto shut off mode. Set to never sleep.
  12. Ensure your bumper isn't pressed
  13. Ensure your character is moving freely
  14. Check with your friend to ensure his conditions are the same.
  15. You can now go AFK
  16. You can follow your progress at Rockstar Social Club.

Often times your connection is the culprit for you being kicked . It can depend wether your internet provider is running IPv4 or IPv6.
One solution is to make sure you have restarted your console and GTA V before beginning your AFK. I even go as far as unplugging my consoles and starting completely fresh. I am on IPv4 and this helps this issue.
See: Wikipedia IPv6

Physical issues:
  1. If Your camera is too far away it Will cause you to lose every round. Double check camera before leaving AFK.
  2. If Your left bumper is pressed by elastic band. This will cause you to continuously run. Double check that it is not pressed before going AFK.
  3. Xbox One touch sensitive power button.
  1. Get Kicked from any session type by lagging out
  2. Join a friend in any session type
  3. Decline the alert
  4. You will be kicked to story mode
  5. Start an invite only session
  6. You will never be kicked
  1. Standing (Left Trigger Tied)
  2. Walking (Left Stick Tied Forward)
  3. Falling (Left Stick or Trigger)
  4. Propelled Walking (Left Stick Tied Forward)
  5. Propelled Standing (Left Trigger Tied)
Capture Types Best Served for Creating AFKs:
  1. Contend:
    • The best style for gaining Money and RP.
    • Can be used for all styles of AFK listed Above.
    • Time can be manipulated by package and prop placement.
  2. GTA:
    • Good for making long standing jobs.
    • Easy to make quickly with no props.
    • Good for Money not RP.
Time is Money Theory:

8-10 minutes per round is $10k/$5k
<8-7.5 minutes per round is $8k/$4k

The sweet spot is in between
20-45 seconds Per round $2850/$1670
Now why are the least paying jobs the best?

Time is the deciding factor.
The short playlist has to be restarted
But gains more $/RP over time.

With longer jobs you would have to be AFK for 48 hours to get the same cash payout and the RP would be significantly less over that period of time no matter how the objects are placed.

The current playlist I run for my consoles is 6.5 hours.
Each round is 45 seconds.

The complete playlist gains:
367,000/352,250 RP

It’s daily potential is:
1,468,000/1,409,000 RP

I run it four times daily on my off days
And three times a day when I am working.

In conclusion:
The focus is condensing the amount of time played as much as possible while at the same time squeezing in the Best RP payout scenario which is 15/7:smile:
It’s always best to keep it simple.
Focus on the pick up and drop off of the packages.
In addition you want to focus on the time frame.
If your job is under 20 seconds you will only get $200 for P1 and $0 for P2.
The sweet spot is between 21-45 seconds per round.
That will give you the most
“bang for your buck” :wink:
  1. use a small stunt tube placed at 90 degrees for your course
  2. place 7 Capture objects in front of player one and 1 behind their start point
  3. Place 3 Capture objects in front of player two and 1 behind their start point
  4. The result will be player one picking up and delivering 15 packages per round and player two 7 packages:smile:
  5. This is the Match payout for a 45 second per round job that I use it’s about 25 minutes per match resulting in this:

    This is what the score looks like when you attain max RP.

Creating a Standing GTA Capture

  1. Go to Creator and choose Capture
  2. Choose GTA Capture
  3. Name and describe the job
  4. Set team vehicle delivery to one(1)
  5. Set team two to 5 stars
  6. Leave team one with zero(0)
  7. Set round time to 8 minutes
  8. Set rounds to 7
  9. Camera lock is your preference.
  10. Weather and time of day your preference
  11. Set max stars to 5
  12. Place team start points close to each other
  13. Place Capture vehicle. I usually use BMX since it is small
  14. Place Capture area
  15. Place team 2 respawn are only if you want it’s not necessary.
  16. Leave team one respawn to none
  17. Place actors: police
  18. set to 100% accuracy and any weapon
  19. set to stationary
  20. Set respawn to unlimited
  21. Set alliances to:
  22. Team 2: hostile
  23. Team one friendly
  24. Test and publish the job
  25. Go to load creation in the main menu
  26. Select published
  27. Hit Y/triangle to copy the job
  28. Make 16 copies
  29. Go back to load creation
  30. Select saved jobs
  31. Select one of the copies
  32. Test and publish
  33. Repeat until you have 16 published jobs
  34. Go online and make your playlist
This style of job doesn’t have a great RP payout but it is good for the money. It will give you

$5k/$10k per round

About $140k in two hours X 16 in the playlist.

You only need to band your left trigger/L2 and stand there.

The winner is determined by death. If you die you lose. I set the actors to always kill player two. The game naturally switches you back and forth between one and two.

Pros and cons:

  1. You determine how long you want the job/playlist to be quite easily
  2. You only need to band your trigger/L2
  3. The money is decent about $70k per hour
  4. It’s super easy to make
  5. No props necessary
  6. RP being slim is really the only drawback to this style of afk
  1. You can create a $10k match using only four essential props.
  2. By using "templates " you can create a match anywhere on the map.
  3. The game is set to automatically switch "playing fields" . In game player one will start on their assigned area as per your created job. Round two each player will switch areas and will continue to do so through the game. Thus if created properly your match will go up to thirteen rounds. Player one will have won seven rounds and player two will have won six.
  4. Focus on the placement of the team start points. In order to "fix" the match it is best to place team one to start with the capture object directly in front of them. Team two's start point should be placed in front of the capture object. Doing this will ensure player one picks up and drops off once before player two. Player two will make one full lap before picking up the capture object.
  5. To control the amount of time your rounds and matches play you must do a little math. Manipulate the total time to your liking add objects to make the rounds end sooner or use less to make the rounds as long as you can.The length of the playlist will be determined by your preference.
  6. Here are some constants for calculating AFK playlist times:
Gameplay Time:​
  1. Round Time x Number of Rounds = Match Time
  2. Match Time x Number of Jobs = Gameplay Time
  3. Gameplay Time + Loading Time = Playlist Length
Loading Time:​
  1. A 16 Job Playlist will have approximately 4 Hours Total of Loading Time!
  2. 2.5 Minutes Loading :
    • From the end of one Match until the game begins the next.This is the time spent between just after the winners screen until the cutscene just before the round begins.
    • (2.5 Minutes) x (16 Matches) = 40 added minutes to Playlist time
  3. 1 Minute Loading :
    • In between each round (2through12)
    • (1 Minute) x (12 Rounds) = 12 added Minutes per Match
    • (12 Minutes) x (16 Matches) = 192 added minutes to the playlist
  4. For a Grand Total of:
    • 40 + 192 = 238 Minutes Loading in Total in a 16 Job Playlist.
    • 238/60 = 3.966 Hours of Loading time every time you run a playlist
    • HOLY COW!
    • Example Equation:
      • If Round Time = 5 minutes
      • 5 x13 = 65 minutes Gameplay
      • If there are 16 Jobs Loading Time is 4 hours or 240 minutes
      • (65 x 16) + 240 = Playlist Length
      • (1040) + 240 = 1280 Minutes
      • 1280/60 = 21.33 hours or 21hours and 20 minutes
If you decide you would like to create an evenly matched capture where money and RP will be the same follow these steps.

1.Create your initial capture where player one is in the winning area first.
2.Ensure when you are naming you match you use a numbered system so that you stay organized; E.g. :1.0.1 at the end of your job name.
3. Publish your match
4. Create a copy. Name it 2.0.1(at the end) and save it
5. Change the position of player two's start point to be facing the capture object.
6. Change the position of player one's start point to be in front of the capture object facing away from it.
7. Test save and publish your match
8. Make seven copies each of 1.0.1 and 2.0.1
9.Rename and publish your copies e.g.:1.0.1 through 1.0.8 and 2.0.1 through 2.0.8
10. Load into online and create your playlist using eight of each job
  1. publish your initial match
  2. Save 15 copies
  3. Test and publish each copy
  4. Load into online
  5. Via the online tab select playlists/create playlists
  6. Select my jobs
  7. Add your jobs(16)
  8. Back out of the menu once
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the playlist menu and select save playlist
  10. Name your playlist
is there any job link for xbox


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DM me your gamertag if you're on xbox1. I have the playlist, just need someone to afk with.


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DM me your gamertag if you're on xbox1. I have the playlist, just need someone to afk with.
Does anyone on here know how to do any money mods or have a nodded Lonnie or anything I can join on Xbox one
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