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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) How to Spray Consoles & Controllers guide ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Tools needed:
  1. Spray paint ( Any decent plastic spray paint will do check amazon reviews) I use
  2. Wet and dry sanding paper Grades 600-7000 ( Again amazon is your friend)
  3. Patience !!
  4. Case opening tools ( Torx screwdrivers etc, Ebay/amazon/hardware store)

Getting started:

1) Disassembly

Begin taking apart case, there are many guides on YouTube/
https://www.ifixit.com on how to take apart cases, some can be simple such as PS2 where its just a case of taking apart some screws others, such as Xbox 360s can be bit of a pain due to clasps..
(Helpful hint- Taking photos whilst you disassembly can help you remember when certain parts go when you put case back to together )

2) Sanding

Once you have console part which you want to spray , make sure to mask off any labels or decals you want to keep, after this get your wet and dry sandpaper, i usually start with grade 600 ,( Any lower can put deep scratch marks in case) and get it wet , a bucket of water or sink is perfect!

Then whilst paper is wet , glide paper vertical/ horizontal up and down/ left to right, dont go in circles otherwise looks bad!
Keep sanding down till you feel case get really smooth and cant feel any bumps or marks, make sure to do all the corners /cracks/crevices,
It shouldn't take much pressure you will see paint coming off, make sure to rinse sandpaper often , a decent brand wont start dissolving like tissue paper!

Once you sanded down the part rinse in water, then change grade of sandpaper to a finer one, ie Start with 600 then 800- 1000, etc,
I end up using grade 7000, which will make you part feel really smooth and sexy!

(This step is one which should be treated like a lady, make sure you dont rush and miss any spots :tongue:
Patience is key here, if you rush and dont sand down correctly which you spray you will notice blemish's/marks,and will make your paint job look like a failed boob job!)

3) Drying / cleaning

Its vital to make sure you have rinsed off all the loose dust and paint particles before painting, i rinse in cold water, then let dry in a dust free environment, you can then if you want is to wipe over part with some rubbing alcohol (This is optional)

4)Painting -Priming

Priming will help protect the paint from getting damaged & lets top coat stick correctly.
Now the fun begins, once you have let the case/ part fully dried and is cleaned, you can get spraying like bansky!

Find a area which is clean and dry, you can do indoors just make sure to open a window as paint stinks!!!!!
Then shake your primer for up to 1 min , this depends on paint brands, just keep shaking till you hear ball rattling ,
Once you have fully shaken primer up you start spraying, (A common mistake is to apply to much paint on causing drips, blotches etc , to stop
this from happening make sure to do short blasts from side to side)
You just want fine coat the part the part make it look like this

Once your done wait at 24 HOURS!!! , this will make sure primer is fully dry!

5) Repeat step 2 (sanding down)

Again sand down primed part only difference is when sanding if you notice primer coming off use a higher grade sandpaper, i use 7000 for this stage)
Once you have lighted sanded down , Rinse in clean water and let dry)

6)Painting top coats

Much like priming same rules apply;
Shake paint up
Short blast of paint side to side
Let coats dry fully and sand lightly between

Dont spray in humid conditions!
Make sure to shake paint for 1 min before spraying

Wiping down surfaces with rubbing alchol to clean off any fingerprints, marks, dust.

(One coat applied)

Once you have done 2/3 coats , make sure to seal with a coat of sealer:​


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If this is for Xbone why did you use a 360?


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Wow very good thread my man! I will have to read this.:wink:
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