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  1. nickcat325
    When you take a game online, do you still get to keep it after your PlayStation Plus Runs Out?
  2. DannyDarthtk
    The fact that this game is exclusive to Epic Games launcher, I will not be getting it until it comes to steam, IF it even does.
  3. Beardyman
    Pre-ordered my Super Deluxe Edition with GAME yesterday, which comes with an exclusive Bandit mask!
  4. Vegeta
    I remember running to BestBuy as a kid to buy the last copy of Battlefront II for the PS2. Very happy and I'm having reminiscent memories going through my head. Glad to see Microsoft breathing some life into a game which should be the role model...
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  5. UnholySpawn17
  6. Beardyman
    I can't wait to go on a nostalgia trip playing the Borderlands GOTY Edition!
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  7. ExiL Shane
  8. mrcuddles
    So can't wait... Going b fun boosting n modding this game... Ever find the time lol...
  9. FlakyModz