News broke today that Google, the multi-billion dollar industry and owners of YouTube, have bought the extremely popular online game streaming service “Twitch” for a reported “1 billion dollars”.

That’s right, YouTube (Google) is now the owner of Twitch, which is fantastic news for some but not so great for others. Many people have been avoiding YouTube as of late due to increased copyright issues, location issues and Google plus integration, but surely with this extreme investment, YouTube can hope to pull back a higher amount of visitors and totally dominate the online video world.

The deal was “all cash” according to inside sources, which is fairly impressive on its own, but after the money factor of the deal, the actual outcome is what is most impressive. Two of the largest sites on the internet coming together as one, both of which are owned by the most popular internet service in the world is going to be quite the "intimidator". Rival companies will surely be at a loss for quite some time thanks to this development.

Twitch gets 45 million users per month while YouTube gets one billion, while this addition of the twitch users may not seem like much, this is a fantastic move for the company (as well as a fantastic opportunity for Twitch to become far more popular) as it will grow in both popularity and versatility which is how you get ahead in the industry, and YouTube have no fear of trailing behind now.

What do you think of this move by YouTube (Google)? I personally think it’s a great move. As a user of YouTube I am looking forward to using Twitch now since I feel it will bring in some friendly changes that may prompt me to get more involved in it, which is, I assume, the result that both companies wanted and will most likely achieved. I also think the income from this deal will be insane due to the ad revenue.