A day ago, Sony released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3. No one expected much of it, but the firmware, which was initially released to help fight off hacked consoles, ended up causing yet another security nightmare for Sony.

As Eurogamer mentions, "
The release of the new custom firmware - and the LV0 decryption keys in particular - poses serious issues. While Sony will almost certainly change the PSN passphrase once again in the upcoming 4.30 update, the reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever."

This, naturally, is a very bad thing for Sony. It means, to my understanding, that Sony would have to change a whole lot of stuff, and people can decrypt firmware packages via their PC's.

How exactly the LV0 key was discovered is kind of interesting. The original hackers who call themselves "The Three Tuskateers" apparently found out about the key a while back, but only recently released it due to a Chinese company discovering it as well and planning on charging people.

Are you guys surprised by yet another Sony security issue? Are you interested in the LV0 key?