If you were to ask someone what video-sharing website they use, 90% would probably say that they use The reason for such a common response, is because YouTube is relatively the only well known video-sharing site due to its substantial amount of users and popular channels. This norm might soon change however, with the introduction of Yahoo's new service.

Considering how long YouTube has been on the web, it hasn't had to overcome many major obstacles in the way of popularity and/or had to deal with major competition, until now, that is. Yahoo has decided that YouTube has succeeded without being touched for too long, and has decided to put a stop to said untouched success. Yahoo is developing a service that is very similar to Youtube, but the only difference is that it's going to be headed by Yahoo and not Google. So, some may ask, "What's so good about it?"

Yahoo listened to famous YouTubers' complaints and chose to take advantage of the opportunity. While Youtube carried on its normal routine, Yahoo was plotting to make a service in which the video owners get a bigger cut of the revenue, whether that be by improving ad revenue or by offering guaranteed ad rates for their videos. Yahoo even went as far as to message famous YouTubers explaining their all new website, as if they are trying to poach them from YouTube. In addition to trying to defect said famous YouTubers from the better known video-sharing website, Yahoo is also saying that they may promote users' videos to a high-traffic homepage on a regular basis. By carrying out this process, Yahoo makes an attempt to convince people that Yahoo is a significantly better choice when compared to YouTube.

So my question to you guys is do you think this Yahoo video site will be a flop? In addition to that, do you think that famous youtubers will make the switch?