If you head over to the Xbox website, you’ll notice they updated it to show off the upcoming Xbox One’s Dashboard. Found here, the video demonstrates many of the features that Kinect will allow you to do. The website has been updated to match the Xbox One theme, ahead of the launch on November 22nd. The updated website should provide easier navigation, as users have access to many features for their account by simply hovering over their avatar. These features include 'Redeem Code', 'Avatar Editor' and 'Activity Center' and can be accessed on all pages throughout the site.

This video shows off the Xbox One Dashboard along with the responsiveness Kinect sensor. If you didn't get change to watch the video, the user changed from Dashboard, to Titanfall, to TV Shows, and to Skype; all with voice commands. Of course, the website houses many other videos, so I encourage you to head over there and check them out.

Although the idea of talking to your Xbox may sound quite strange, it should provide a quicker and more fluid experience. Not only that, but it'll allow you to walk into your room and do other tasks whilst your Xbox boots up. For example, start watching Netflix whilst changing out of your school clothes.