Xbox Owners May Soon Be Able to Sell Back Their Digital Games

Ever bought a Xbox Game you didn’t like? Refunding digital items intentionally bought has been somewhat next to impossible to do with digital game...
  1. God

    Ever bought a Xbox Game you didn’t like? If it was a physical disc you bought from a place like GameStop or something you ordered online, chances are you’d be receiving a partial to full refund, depending on the condition of the case and disc. However, refunding digital items intentionally bought has been next to impossible with digital game purchases. Steam users can get a refund on games, as long as their request is made fourteen days of purchase and the title has been played for less than two hours, and PlayStation’s policy on digital content is that all sales are final. However, things may be changing on the Microsoft side of things.

    A recent Xbox customer survey has brought up an interesting question to survey takers. The question asks: “If the console digital games store for the console you owned offered customers the option to “sell back” their digital games to the store for 10% of the purchase price in store credit, would you be interested in such an offer?” Just to give you a general idea, say you bought the new Call of Duty: World at War II game for $59.99. You’d only be getting back roughly $6 for your purchase. Shockingly, you would probably be better off buying a physical copy of the game at GameStop and selling it back to them. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned, but must be taken into consideration, is the requirements for selling the game back.


    There should be usage and progress markers which would diminish a game’s sell back value. For example, a game you haven’t played should be sold back for 100% of its value. That’s the digital equivalent of returning an unopened package to a store, you get a full refund. Now, if you’ve opened the game, the value should drop to around 70-80%. As you progress through the game and earn achievements, the game’s sell back value should drop further and further until there’s a point where you can’t sell it back at all. This point should be when you’ve made it to a certain point in the campaign, or if you’ve played the game for a certain amount of time (for those most likely only interested in the multiplayer side of things.) It just doesn’t seem fair to buy a game, not play it, and only receive a 10% refund.

    There’s been no official word as to if, or when, this feature will ever actually make it to Microsoft consoles, but it’s clear it’s being seriously considered. Considering every player isn’t happy with every game they buy due to multiple reasons, whether it's because it wasn’t what they were expecting gameplay-wise, or maybe it’s riddled with bugs that make it unplayable, this would be a neat feature many gamers can enjoy. What are your thoughts on the sellback feature? Do you think it’s something you can benefit from?


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  1. Wavy
    I'd rather keep the game, the hell? Do they even require college backgrounds over at Xbox anymore? Because that was one of the dumbest polls I have ever seen.
  2. Sycochucky1
    Main thing they shld make a sell back for are dlc's and season passes considering when I bought Bo3 the last map packs were just coming out for Adw what's the point of all that lol pay $60 for stuff u won't use again once a new game comes out gotta love that as well. :smile:
  3. Cakes
    1. televisedfool
      More like, "oh **** we are getting dosed in gasoline and set on fire with this. cancel it and deny it."
  4. danguy2009
    Ok so its better than nothing but for 10% I'd rather keep them. Its like a double negative, receive back much less than I get from a game store on a physical game to spend on overpriced games on the online store.

    It should be a sliding scale percentage based on time. If I buy a boxed game new for £40 and then sell it back two weeks later id probably get half back in value to trade towards a new game, I expect at least 50% back from the digital version too, Oh and a reduction of the initial price more in line with physical.
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  5. BattleBuddy
    I think it would be cool if you could sell your (digital) games to other people, friends etc.. For a price that you set.
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    1. IJayI
      That would be even better!
  6. IJayI
    Maybe if they simply deducted 10% off the original price like a restocking fee would be fine. but only giving you 10% is worthless!
  7. 3xTiNcT
    I agree with this. I'd hate to just get a little bit back.

    "There should be usage and progress markers which would diminish a game’s sell back value. For example, a game you haven’t played should be sold back for 100% of its value. That’s the digital equivalent of returning an unopened package to a store, you get a full refund."
  8. Red58
    I think its better to have the option to sell digital games than to just be stuck with it, even if you don't want to. Still better than nothing in my opinion.

    Although digital games shouldn't cost $60 like physical copies.
  9. denz
    6$ [​IMG]
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    2. Red58
      I like to not spoil games for myself, and my friend recommended I try it. I have since learned to not listen to him because he will play anything regardless of how tedious or boring.
    3. denz
      Maybe a lot of people hated it Red, and hence everyone trying to return it giving them high supply so they could have low price and people would still take it.

      I've never traded anything in personally.
    4. Red58
      Well of course a lot of people hated it, its COD, but there's always a massive cult of people who buy it anyways. Of course it was going to be sold again, and likely at near full price, as that is what GameStop does. This isn't a rare occurance, its happened to me and other people before.
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  10. smelly02
    I would not, such a ripoff. I no longer trade in games to Gamestop because of this. I know games lose lots of value over time but its worth keeping it and playing it once or twice a year than to sell it for peanuts.