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Xbox One's Smart Glass Process May Lead to Exploitation

With the recent news of the PS4 receiving a software exploit, Xbox One users may be wondering why they haven't seen anything for they beloved...
By Cakes · Jan 7, 2016 · Updated Jan 23, 2016
  1. Cakes
    It's no secret that the Xbox One modding scene has been pretty scarce when it comes to information regarding exploitation of the console. The PS4 will no longer be the only next-generation console with the possibility of being exploited by end-users.

    With the use of a Xbox One Devkit, the process that runs the Xbox One Smart Glass app was acquired from said consoles 'system.xvd'. This may seem unimportant to many of you, but that's where you'd be wrong. It opens many a door for the Xbox One modding scene.

    With access to the process that runs the Smart Glass application, those privy to reverse engineering .NET at its utmost will have a new challenge on their hands. By reversing this process, a lot of information can be acquired about the Xbox One's software as well as how Smart Glass communicates with our consoles.

    You might be wondering why reversing this process is so important. It's simple. By successfully reversing the Smart Glass process, we will gain access to a mine of information regarding the how exactly the application is able to control different binaries on our console and what types of APIs are used within your console to allow these controls to operate. This information could potentially lead to the manipulation (by injection of modified code after it's reversed) of the Smart Glass application, which could possibly lead to a proof-of-concept exploit on the Xbox One (to show that it's possible via software). However, we are not close to something of that magnitude just yet.

    There's not much else that we can say at this point, but we might be lucky enough to see a kickstart in the public side of the Xbox One modding scene.

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  1. uzigrip
    i wonder who handed that to chr0m3 lmaoo
      Cakes likes this.
    1. S7 Pro
      It's openly available (as well as numerous other interesting things) in the publicly leaked Alpha OS. Literally download it, unextract it, navigate to system32 folder. This wasn't a gift from God.
    2. Chr0m3 x MoDz
      I don't leak stuff that is just handed to me thank you, also if you really must know both the nothault and the demonsquad stuff was mine anyway. You know that too godly.

      Domo leaked the OS and billy leaked the sdk.
      Apollo likes this.
  2. astroskillz14
    i'll post this again being people don't seem to read everything. xbox one smart glass app exploitation is already completed. at this time the only thing it does is allow you do download game clips/screenshots from other people and allow you to add an achievement unlocked that someone else on your friends list has unlocked. nothing major.
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    2. astroskillz14
      see here's the thing v7 i don't need to get anywhere on this site because i'm already further with the x1 exploit than anyone else is on this site so why would me posting my finding to get help benefit me? you guys still don't even have the x1 modded but we've had it since 11/29/13. 7 days after it's release. here we are 2 years later and you guys still haven't figured it out when it's ridiculously easy if you had the right console.
    3. astroskillz14
      and Chr0m3 x MoDz if you look up xbox one running linux you notice how every single thing you will find it's talking about a project with it saying it's not stable? that's because it's a devkit and people don't realize it's a devkit. i'm telling you. i told you how to hook up your x1 to your computer and open the hard drive up and read through the cache. it's your fault you haven't done it to see for yourself.
    4. V7X3
  3. K _
    pls dont get haxed xb1 ily
  4. hacker1234
    Dang, would love to have a modded Xb1 soon. Hope they succeed
  5. Homework
    Congratulations Chrome.
    Hope you succeed in this. We're all counting on you.
  6. K _
    WHAT HAS 2016 TURNED INTO? Donald Trump could be president, XB1 could be hacked, Bo3 DLC comes out in March which is too long, I really have to use the restroom, and I have finals tomorrow! :cry::yuck::dead:
    1. Dillon Francis
      Welcome to 2016 .___. BO3 is horrible they need to fix alot of things still
  7. For
    I'm optimistic on this like many others, but hey, I'll go out and buy a PS4 the minute the ability to play freely downloaded games goes public.
  8. The Lorhax
    A software exploit for the Xbox one...I'm sorry but this could only lead to reaseach at best.
  9. Chr0m3 x MoDz
    Let's be really clear on this. This may lead to nothing but and this is a big but, say there is some form of exploit possible in the process, smart glass is a .net app that communicates with a retail console. Seems like the best bet as of any attempts yet.

    If there is an exploit, then you have the tools to work with it.
      LookBroZombies_XBL and Chazay like this.
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    2. Chr0m3 x MoDz
      Obviously would depend on a lot of things, who finds it how it's done what versions it can be done on etc. No idea.
    3. S7 Pro
      There is not even a slight possibility of an exploit coming from this, to be quite frank. I'd only say this is useful for research, and anything beyond that would be even too far-fetched to say there is even a little chance.
    4. Dillon Francis
      Man i hope it stays private atleast for a few months before it's launched but good luck ! best of luck to everyone even i hope xb1 doesn't become modded, thanks for replying though
  10. Dillon Francis
    The fact everyone thinks xb1 RGH/JTAGS will be cheap gonna be more priced then a xb1 elite >.> 900$ for a rgh with a devkit dude that's way too much plus xbox always updates they're servers with new dashboard updates.
    1. lol
      Taking into consideration the profit margin the 360 had and the fact that the xb1 is still relativly new. I probably wouldn't sell one for much less than £600. Also there was dash updates for the 360 to so I'm not really seeing how that's relavent.
    2. Dillon Francis
      Why would someone sell a RGH for 400$ with devkit probably would cost more but 400$-500$ no more like 600-900$ or euros