Yet another new design for the Xbox One dashboard is on the way, Microsoft recently announced. Today, during its Gamescom livestream, it showed off a new option for the revamped UI: Light mode. As pictured in the screens below, you'll be able to toggle between Dark and Light modes. Dark mode is what you've seen before and features a grey background. Light mode swaps that out for a white background that is much brighter and arguably more welcoming. Preview program members will be able to begin using it soon.

The focus of this new Xbox One dashboard layout is "speed, customization, and expression." It streamlines a number of aspects, letting you more quickly get to what you want. You can also customize what's displayed on the main Home screen, allowing you to create "content blocks" devoted to specific games or other aspects of Xbox Live.

The Guide changes in this update, and like the previous revamp, speed is the emphasis. In this version, tabs are horizontal, rather than the current vertical arrangement, and it features an "action center" that houses a link to system settings, among other things.

An exact release date for the revamped dashboard has not been announced. Preview program members have access to it now, while everyone else should get their hands on it sometime later this year.

Source: GameSpot