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Xbox One Update Adds 16-Person Party Chat And More

Microsoft rolled out a new update today for the Xbox One. We now have the ability to host a party chat with up to 16 people including you!...
  1. Crooks

    Even though those gamers who are enrolled in the Xbox Preview program have had this update for most of March, us regular gamers can finally get in on the action. Earlier today, an Xbox One update rolled out from Microsoft which added quite a few significant changes and features. One of the biggest upgrades we saw was that we now have the ability to invite up to 15 of our friends into a single Xbox Live Party.

    If having 15 screaming gamers in a party isn't your cup of tea, then don't worry, as Microsoft have a few more exciting changes that they are excited to roll out. These new features include the ability to play video directly though the Xbox One Activity Feed, the ability to customize the DVR recording length, being able to output the party chat audio to both your headset and speakers and you are now able to output your party chat audio to your Twitch stream while you're streaming with the Twitch app.

    There were also a few other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements like improved thumbstick precision for the Xbox Elite Controller. What do you think? Is this update a useful one in your books? I know I will be enjoying some of these new features!


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  1. Scottbot
    I can just imagine 15 other people screaming down the mic at the same time XD.
    It would be chaos!
  2. boonk
    My older brother had got the Elite controller with his Xbox one.
    When I seen the controller with the buttons on the back,I was like...God, its perfect.
  3. Mildew
    What's up with all of the complaints with party chat disconnecting?? I get 3mbps at most and only get disconnected if my connection drops completely. Staying in games or using twitch is nearly impossible though.
  4. CabooseSayzWTF
    15 People in a party. Well IMO That's a stupid feature, due to the constant disconnects most people have, let alone the chaos it will bring amongst people. How could anybody cope with that many people rudely interrupting and talking to each other. I can't even stand being in a party with over 4 people.
  5. Wavy
    16 people to a party is helpful for meeting with the leaders of my Call of Duty team, other than that it would be so much talking lol. But I do like the play through both headset and speakers. Glad that is finally a thing.
  6. Sliding
    Me and my friends disconnect when a party has 8 or more people let alone 16.
  7. TheItalianLad
    Not a really helpful implementation but talking to 15 other people can't hurt.
  8. Lil Ugly Mane
    Ehh this would have been useful like 6 years ago when boosting was cool but now just having 4 friends in a party is like madness lol
  9. televisedfool
    Nothing sounds all that interesting. It's bad enough having a party with just a couple friends at time, can't imagine 15 others. :roflmao:
  10. Scurge
    So they have decided to allow 15 people in a party, yet they still haven't fixed the problems that party chat has! The constant disconnections are atrocious.
      Sliding likes this.