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Xbox One Update Adds 16-Person Party Chat And More


Even though those gamers who are enrolled in the Xbox Preview program have had this update for most of March, us regular gamers can finally get in on the action. Earlier today, an Xbox One update rolled out from Microsoft which added quite a few significant changes and features. One of the biggest upgrades we saw was that we now have the ability to invite up to 15 of our friends into a single Xbox Live Party.

If having 15 screaming gamers in a party isn't your cup of tea, then don't worry, as Microsoft have a few more exciting changes that they are excited to roll out. These new features include the ability to play video directly though the Xbox One Activity Feed, the ability to customize the DVR recording length, being able to output the party chat audio to both your headset and speakers and you are now able to output your party chat audio to your Twitch stream while you're streaming with the Twitch app.

There were also a few other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements like improved thumbstick precision for the Xbox Elite Controller. What do you think? Is this update a useful one in your books? I know I will be enjoying some of these new features!

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