Microsoft has launched a new Xbox One S deal. For today only (December 16), you can get the Minecraft Favorites Xbox One S bundle for only $230.

The bundle comes with a 500 GB white Xbox One S, a controller (the new, Bluetooth-enabled one with textured grips), and a copy of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. DLC for the game, including the Favorites Pack and the Builder's Pack, is also included, along with access to the Minecraft Windows 10 PC beta.

The system normally goes for $300, though its price was recently brought down to $250 as part of Microsoft's wider temporary Xbox One S price cut for all systems.

You can buy the Minecaft bundle for $230 right now at lots of retailers, including Amazon, the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Target.

The Minecraft Favorites Bundle includes more than 230 character skins--you can see a full rundown here.

In other Minecraft news, developer Mojang announced a Fallout mash-up pack this week that comes with 44 skins including those for Vault Boy, Dogmeat, and Nick Valentine. Read more about it, here.

Source: GameSpot