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Xbox One S Arrives August 2

Microsoft confirmed rumors of an Xbox One slim edition last month after dozens of reported leaks came from several sources. Today, they've...
  1. Lulu
    Rumors of a slim Xbox One swirled around the Internet for most of 2016 until Microsoft finally confirmed its existence just last month. Sources from all over the world leaked specs, designs, and even supposed images of what the Xbox One S could have looked like. But now, Microsoft has lifted the veil off of their upcoming console upgrade and they've announced a set release date of August 2 for the 2TB Xbox One S launch edition.

    Major Nelson has confirmed that all preorders will get the console on August 2 and that gamers who order the console now will also be included in that release window. The major changes from the Xbox One to the Xbox One S were shared by Microsoft and Major Nelson and are listed below:
    • 40% smaller size overall
    • Built-in power supply
    • High dynamic range (HDR) support for games and video
    • Moved pairing button and 1 USB slot to the front of the console
    • Full Blu-Ray support

    The new Xbox One S will have several storage options available that aren't the 2TB version, selling for $399. 1TB and 500GB versions have also been confirmed for $349 and $299 respectively. All consoles come with the new Xbox wireless controller that features a new, textured grip, better wireless connectivity, and support for Bluetooth. The controller can be purchased as a standalone for $59.

    The storage options for the Xbox One S do not have a set release date yet; only the 2TB Xbox One S will release on August 2. The controller can be purchased as a standalone for $59 and will also be available after August 2. It is still possible to preorder the 2TB Xbox One S while they are still in stock at major retailers.

    [Source: Major Nelson]

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  1. Bertb2008
    i told you this weeks ago
  2. 3xTiNcT
    It's about time. They should of waited to officially announce the Gears of War one.
  3. bak0n
    seriously. one usb port... ffs
    1. Lulu
      There are multiple USB slots, but one of them was moved to the front of the console.
      Blaze likes this.
  4. AlienFreek01
    Any sort of trade ins for the old xbox one? This one seems kinda pointless if you have to pay full price
  5. TitanXL6758
    I have only had my ps4 for a year and a half. I am not in the market for a console, what I am looking for are new games, not a rehashed, slapped together, rushed out the door waste of time.
  6. GH0ST_OP
    It would be wise for people to save up and wait for the scorpio.

    In fact I am considering just building a rig with a 1080 and 6700 and calling it good. Since most exclusives (good and bad) are going to pc.
    1. Blaze
      Whats a scorpio?
    2. GH0ST_OP
      Blaze The codenamed new xbox slated for next year that has x6 the performance of the current xbox one and can play games at 4k.
    3. HowAmI
      that's what they claim but isn't going to happen
  7. Blaze
    I will be getting the Gears of War console :smile:
    1. Lulu
      I don't blame you, man. One of the few custom console cases I've seen that actually looks really good.
      Blaze likes this.
    2. Blaze
      I was going to actually just aim for the regular white xbox s until i saw the announcement of the gow console.
  8. Salus
    I hope they release an S version of the elite controller so the original can go down in price :biggrin:
      ASAP SAVAGE likes this.
    1. WWE
      They may release one. I mean it would be pretty stupid to not release one. I don't know when but I want one to come out like that too.
  9. TheAtom
    I don't know, I might just save my money for Scorpio. I don't want to get the S, then the Scorpio comes out and I don't have any money...