When Microsoft announced the Xbox Play Anywhere feature at E3 2016 in June, Studio Wildcard's dinosaur game Ark: Survival Evolved was among the first third-party games to announce support for it.

The developer continues to work on making Survival Evolved compatible with the Xbox Play Anywhere program, but it's not ready just yet. In a post on the developer's website (via The Inquisitr), Studio Wildcard explained that it's working on this feature "on the side" right now.

It requires "reformatting Ark's application handling to work with Universal Windows Platform," the developer said. It acknowledged that it's "hard to predict" when the studio will have the game ready for Xbox Play Anywhere, but the current hope is for that to happen in December.

Xbox Play Anywhere brings some Xbox One and PC games closer together. Supported titles, like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, let you buy the game on one platform and get it free on the other and play it on both. Additionally, saves and achievements move between systems, so you can start playing on one and continue on the other.

Given that Survival Evolved is already out (at least in Early Access on PC and Game Preview for Xbox One), it's not exactly clear if current owners would get the Xbox Play Anywhere benefits or only newcomers would. Ark is out now on PC through Steam, which doesn't offer Xbox Play Anywhere benefits; only the Microsoft Store does. Whatever the case, we've followed up with the developer in an attempt to get more details.

Also in the post, Studio Wildcard revealed that toilets are coming to Survival Evolved.

"Toilets gonna happen," the developer explained. "You will have to pipe them into a compost bin from which they will give a large compost bonus on any… fertilizer… that you make. And yes probably a temp buff for using it."

Despite not even being a finished product yet, the game has sold more than 5.5 million copies. Studio Wildcard wants to release the game on PlayStation 4, but Sony does not currently allow in-development games on the platform.

Survival Evolved's Halloween event, Fear Evolved, runs through November 6--and it's now available on Xbox One in addition to PC. Giant candy corn, skeletal dinosaurs, and zombie dodo birds invade the game as part of the spooky update.

The game's first expansion, Scorched Earth, came out in September, adding dragons, new zones, and more.

Source: GameSpot