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Xbox One: Mods, Indie Limitations and Digital Features


We have had some interesting news today in the world of Xbox, rumours quashed and possible rumours sparked. Larry Hyrb, better known as Major Nelson and Phil Spencer the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Games Studios, took to the internet to answer a few questions.

Starting with Phil Spencer, he was asked if Indie Developers are limited to 3GB of RAM, this rumour was quashed fairly quick adding “Goals is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available, no indie RAM limit.”

Twitter users asked Spencer how Indie Games will be promoted on the Xbox Live Marketplace and if the DRM features will ever return, with the Indie Games Spencer said that “Likely pivot is "Most Popular" giving you a view of what people are buying regardless of how pub'd.” He was also asked about the DRM, the Twitter user asked “If I buy a Xbox One, do I have to fear that the DRM stuff will return this generation?” Spencer revealed that it will be split saying that the “Split will likely be digital vs. physical. Physical will feel like today. For digital we'll push features we discussed at E3.”
Major Nelson wasn’t left out either, he took to Reddit to answer a very interesting question, “Now that any Xbox One can be used as a dev kit it is possible for mod support now?” He replied with “It's up to developers to support that. These are two very different things.” This leads me to believe that if Developers allow us to mod their games we may be subject to certain limitations, such as using their own tools and utilities.
So it appears Microsoft are really working hard to win over the Indie Developers and the future about DRM being applied is still in the balance, and let us not forget about the mods, will we see them supported when the Xbox One comes around? Only time will tell.
About author
My name is Alex, I am a former writer and moderator for Se7enSins. I still play video games on occasion and I like to keep up to date with the gaming industry.

After taking a long break from writing I have decided to return to my roots and provide content for the Se7enSins homepage. Just need to get rid of the rust.


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